26 March 2019
26 March 2019,

Is your shop a model of organization? Does everything have a place and does everything always find its way back to its place? Or, do you have tooling, collets, bits, and saws sprinkled like swarf and sawdust everywhere? If your shop is in the first category, you come in and you get to work. If your shop is in the second category, you can search for what you need so long you forget what you are there to do. However, if you just start simple, like using CNC 40 tool trays (or 30 or 50 taper) you’ll find the job so easy you’ll be organizing everything.

Organization Makes You Productive

Whether at the desk or at the drill press, organization makes you more productive. While some people can work in chaos, chaos leads to wasted effort. It can also lead to missed steps or dropping the ball completely.

If you spend time hunting for tools, that’s time you don’t spend machining. If you spend time trying to repair damaged tools, that’s time you don’t spend machining. Every minute you aren’t doing what you walked into the shop to do, you are wasting time. Now that may be okay for the casual hobbyist, but for the professional it’s a profit killer.

cnc40 tool trays by Sierra American

CNC 40 Tool Trays Organize You

Whether you have 30, 40, or 50 taper tools, tool trays will get you organized. If you commit to them, then your CNC 40 tool trays will keep you organized as well.

Not only can you use these trays to store and transport your tooling, you can use it as a staging ground as well.  Use CNC 40 tool trays with numbered holes and sequence your tools before you start. Now that might not sound like a big time saver, but if your hobbyist shop isn’t well organized then a simple tool change can turn into loads of extra time. Imagine searching for the collet, the wrench, and the tool. If you have a bright orange collet wrench, you will find it quickly. However, the other items, not so much.

But, take your trays and make a cart to hold all your tools and everything you need will be at your fingertips.

It’s Contagious

Be careful though, this organization thing may feel so good that it becomes contagious. What begins in the shop may spill over into the underwear drawer.  Just imagine, neatly organized undergarments such as socks greet you when you pull a drawer open.

In the kitchen, canned vegetables and spices may be re-arranged alphabetically. Your iTunes play list may even get organized. Just imagine if your closet were arranged by type of clothing (shirts and pants) and then further sorted by color. You might dress effortlessly. Beer could be arranged by type (lagers versus pilsners) or by brand.

organize your shop to operate as smooth as the finish from a cnc fly cutter

courtesy Stuart Miles

CNC 40 Tool Trays You’ll Love

You’ll love the feeling you get when you get organized. And you’ll love the CNC 40 trays you get from Sierra American Multi-Systems.

Handles make them easy to carry. Numbered holes make tool set-up easy. High impact plastic protects expensive tooling.

Ask for your tool trays wherever you buy your shop supplies. If they don’t sell Sierra American, ask them to order it for you. Each tray is made in the USA for US machinists. You get a 5 year warranty and your tools get a safe harbor. It doesn’t get any better than that.



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