23 November 2015
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23 November 2015,

Sierra American’s ultra precision saw arbors are made to hold your saw for precision cutting time and time again. Whether your CNC application calls for cobalt enhanced high speed steel or a carbide saw you need an arbor that can operate with the same precision as your saw.

Why Use High Speed Steel

ultra precision saw arbors cut metalCobalt enhanced high speed steel has been the alloy of choice for CNC saws for many years. The most common mixture features a generous portion of tungsten and then the addition of cobalt for added strength and resistance to wear. Cobalt-enhanced HSS was developed to make working with stainless steel, titanium alloys, and other metals much easier.

Because HSS is strong enough to withstand cutting forces, it is still the choice for applications such as slitting saws, face mills, and gear cutting.

HSS is also a much less expensive material than carbide and sharpening is easier as well.

The downside to HSS is the limitations on speed. HSS can not run at the rates of carbide steel. However, when tool life is more important than speed (as is the case with most ultra precision cutting) HSS is the clear winner.

Why Use Carbide for Precision Cutting

For most high speed CNC applications, HSS has been replaced by carbide. While carbide does not have

ultra precision saw arbors cut metal

courtesy Stuart Miles

the strength of HSS it can cut at a greater range of speed. Under equal conditions, a carbide saw can cut anywhere from 4 to 12 times faster than HSS. This makes carbide extremely productive for high speed CNC applications.

If carbide is not an option because of durability needs or cost, Bright Hub Engineering has some ideas on getting more performance from your HSS tools.

Why Use Ultra Precision Saw Arbors from Sierra American

precision saw arborsWhether you are using HSS or carbide, if you are using an ultra precision saw, you need an ultra precision saw arbor. It doesn’t matter if you are cutting, grinding, or sharpening tools, if you need to do it with precision, you can’t have an arbor that chatters or slips. When you need precision you need control. If you need control, you need an ultra precision saw arbor from Sierra American.

From ¼” to 1 ¼” inside diameter hole size, Sierra American has the ultra precision saw arbor for you. By utilizing a unique “Vibra-Core Design”, they manufacture a saw arbor that absorbs cutter vibration. That means you can run at normal depths, feeds, and speeds to maintain productivity without chatter, slipping, and vibration.

You also get the closest cutter to work area on the market when you use Sierra American precision arbors.

Sierra American ultra precision saw arbors are all made in the USA, feature Weldon shanks, and are covered by a full 5 year warranty.

Be sure to ask for Sierra American by name. If your wholesaler or dealer doesn’t carry Sierra American, ask them to order it for you or call (800)576-5331 to locate a dealer near you. You can Contact Us for requests for custom arbors.made-usa


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