5 June 2018
5 June 2018,

The precision machining process removes material to an ultra-high standard. Today’s CNC equipment operates at a tolerance of tolerance of 0.002″ or 0.005 MM with ease. Grinding, turning and milling processes are all ultra high precision.  But, tight tolerances can’t tolerate staggering tools. Precision needs rigidity. If you’re ultra precision machining, you need an ultra precision arbor for the ultimate rigidity

manufacturing small parts requires precision

Precision Machining Supports Many Industries

CNC’ers produce parts for a variety of different industries. The defense, medical, aerospace and electronics industries require ultra precision machined parts. Producing parts for these industries is very demanding because of their very small size and very stringent requirements. But, it’s also very lucrative.

There is no room for error when machining with tight tolerances. Your potential customers must know  you can handle the work and produce their parts as scheduled. You’ve got to prove that your shop is up to the job. That means having the right machines and training and the right tools. And, ultra precision machining requires ultra precision tool holding with an ultra precision arbor.

Tight Tolerances Demand an Ultra Precision Arbor

Remove material precisely with an ultra precision arbor with the maximum rigidity. This keeps the cutter on the work piece and not staggering around the stock. It doesn’t matter if you are prototyping or producing, the finished product must match the job specifications. You can’t get that level of control without controlling your cutter. Whether you are machining with HSS or carbide, your cutter must stay on the job. Keeping it there is the task of the arbor.

ultra precision saw arbor

Sierra American ultra precision arbors are the gold standard


Sierra-American Makes the Best Ultra Precision Arbor

Machining with precision requires getting as close to the stock as possible. Sierra America Multi-Systems gets that. That’s why we manufacture an ultra precision arbor that gets you as close to the work area as possible. Our secret weapon is the deep, low profile cap in the arbor design. So, just utilize our arbor in your shop and acquire precision like you’ve never seen. You’ll love the weldon shank and extra long reach out.

Get your ultra precision arbor today from any reputable supplier. Ask for Sierra American by name.  Machine with more than precision. Machine with ultra precision.


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