13 July 2016
13 July 2016,

High precision machining generally deals with tolerances in the single-digit micron range. In inch units, those are “tenths” (ten-thousandths of an inch, or 0.0001in).  That’s some pretty serious precision.  And if you are that serious about precision, then you’ve got the be serious about the tools and tool holders you are going to be using.

Industrial Applications

inverted planeAerospace and defense manufacturing requires the ability to work with exotic alloys and tight tolerances. If your machining for these industries, you are going to need precision.  You are going to need ultra precision.

Medical products and devices made from aluminum, steel, and titanium require ultra precision machining.  Tolerances are tight when lives are on the line.

Telecommunications, electronics, and emerging alternative energy sources all require parts that can only be produced with high precision machining.

These are just a few examples of where you find precision machining. It reaches into almost every industry. These days just about any object that contains parts requires precision machining.  That means if you are machining for industry or supplying parts, you’ve got to be ready.  You need a secret weapon in your arsenal.  You need an ultra precision arbor made specifically for high precision machining.

Ultra Precision Arbors for Ultra Control

ultra precision saw arborsYour machine can be mounted on a base of solid granite, but if your arbor staggers like a drunken sailor you won’t have the precision control the job demands.  You need control.  You need a secret weapon.

Your secret weapon is an ultra precision arbor made by Sierra American Multi-Systems.  For over 20 years, Sierra American has been producing quality tools for CNC applications.

They have developed a Vibra-Core design that allows the cutter vibration to be absorbed by the arbor instead of magnified by the tool.  The extra deep, low profile caps allow you to get closer to the work area than any other slitting saw arbor made. Ultra precision and ultra close means ultra control.

These ultra precision arbors are perfect for carbide and cobalt saws.  So whether you are working in stainless steel or copper, the Sierra American ultra precision arbor will hold your blade tight.  Great for tool sharpening too!

Numbers to Remember

Key numbers to remember are 6 and 5.

The ultra precision arbor is available in 6 different sizes.  They begin with saw hold inside diameters of ¼” and go up to 1 ¼”.  In addition to individual arbors, they are also available in sets of 3 so you always have the size you need on hand.

chart of ultra precision arbor dimensions

The other key number is 5.  That’s 5 long years for the manufacturer’s warranty.  Sierra American manufactures right here in the USA and they make quality tools.  So don’t be afraid to put your arbor to work, its guaranteed to last and perform for 5 years.  Not many other tools can make that claim.

Demand Quality – Demand Sierra American

Everything sold by Sierra American is American made to be American strong.  Don’t get ripped off by cheap imitators.

Get quality; get Sierra American.  Be sure to ask for it by name.





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