22 February 2016
22 February 2016,

surgical toolsMachining for the medical industry has its own set of challenges. Between the materials and scale required, you need all the help you can get. Whether you will be manufacturing surgical implants or medical instruments you will face issues such as:



  • Machining on a small scale or micro-machining
  • Machining titanium, a common material in medical devices
  • Machining plastics, another common material

In addition, you need to build relationships with medical-industry customers that need your machining work. Tools like ultra precision arbors and micro drills can’t help with customer relationships, but when used with sophisticated software like Partmaker 2016, Smart CAM, or other packages it can make your shop operate more efficiently and profitably.


Focus on Value of your Tools, Not the Cost

Micromachining and microdrilling requires highly specialized equipment. Don’t be penny-wise and pound foolish. That means don’t let sticker shock keep you from investing in the best precision saws, ultra precision arbors, and software to run it all.

Maximize your process by maximizing all available turret positions. Don’t tolerate cycle times that are too long, or setups are too difficult. Purchase quality saws and ultra precision arbors for long-lasting performance. Then don’t be afraid to use them. Fine tune your feeds and speeds to find the sweet spot between aggressive performance and flat out crazy.

Use the Right Software

Partmaker 2016 utilizes a Knowledge Based Machining program that will turbocharge software helps productivityyour productivity. It actually captures information that is specific to your shop about feeds and speeds, tooling and repetitive processes to speed programming. By capturing this information, the software is able to calculate and display a cycle time for each job. Many powerful software programs are not easy to use. But Partmaker has developed a user interface that intuitively guides you through every step of programming a part.

SmartCAM also makes use of a Knowledge-Based Machining Library to store and reuse tooling and operation settings. Data can be grouped and associated to machines and materials to make setting up new jobs easier. The latest version improves the user interface because it doesn’t matter how powerful the software, it doesn’t do any good if you can’t use it.

Use the Best Tools from the Best Manufacturer

ultra precision saw arborsWhether it is micromachining or cutting with ultra precision, your work is only as good as your tools. Demand that ultra precision arbors and micro drill adapters from Sierra American.

Whether you are using cobalt or high speed steel, Sierra American Multi-Systems’ ultra precision arbors utilize a Vibra-Core design to reduce cutter vibration and chatter. You also get extra long reach out and closest cutter to work area available on the market today.

The Sierra American micro drill adapter is one of the most accurate mini-drill adaptersmicro drill adapters sold. Quality performance and less drill breakage makes this a favorite of machinists everywhere.

All Sierra American ultra precision arbors are manufactured in the USA and come with a five year warranty. Be sure to ask your supplier for Sierra American Multi-Systems if you want the highest quality for your medical machining needs.  If they don’t carry Sierra American, ask them to place an order for you or contact us directly at (800)576-5331.

ultra precision arbor made in USA by Sierra American





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