27 September 2017
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27 September 2017,

Sierra American Multi-Systems, maker of the ultra precision arbor, fly cutter and other CNC tools is pleased to share some good news for metalworkers. The Gardner Business Index for Metalworking has shown a decrease for 2 months in a row in the category of durable goods capacity utilization.

The Implications

That’s really good news for metalworkers. Grab your tool tray, your cutter and your ultra precision arbor and prepare to get to work.

The rocket-like acceleration in the backlog index indicates that durable goods capacity utilization is poised to shift from contraction to expansion. Utilization has contracted for the 22nd consecutive month.

Why do you care? Because the backlog index is a reliable leading indicator of growth. Looks like contraction is ready to shift to growth.

That means it’s time to get to work.

Job Growth Potential

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a job growth rate of 17% out to 2024. That’s much faster than average. It includes workers in metal and plastics. If you are a toolmaker, the job growth rate is about 6%. That might seem low, but many toolmakers are reaching retirement and not many young people are entering the field. Expect it to be a job with tremendous growth potential.

The future is even brighter for millwrights. The predicted job growth rate for millwrights is 14%.

So, there is good news all around for CNC workers. The manufacture of durable goods is ready to grow and there will be plenty of jobs. Whether you make goods or you make parts, there should be plenty of work so get your tools ready!

ultra precision arborsUltra Precision Arbor, Fly Cutters and Slitting Saw Arbors Made in the USA

When you go to work, make sure you work with American made tools. Sierra American Multi-Systems supports American manufacturing.

Every product we sell is proudly made in the USA. We back our tools with a 5 year warranty. Our arbors utilize Vibra-Core technology to reduce chatter and our micro drill adapters give you finger-tip control.

Do not settle for cheap imitations made in foreign countries. Demand the best, demand Sierra American. Ask for it by name. And get to work! The future is bright for manufacturing.


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