13 September 2016
13 September 2016,

The Case for Micro Drill Adapters

If you’ve ever tried to drill a very small hole with a drill press or milling machine, you know how frustrating it can be.  You can’t get two pecks into your cycle before the drill breaks or you manage to keep from breaking your drill but can’t achieve the right depth.  You just don’t seem to have any control.

That’s when you need a micro drill adapter.

Micro Drill Adapters to Prevent Drill Breakage

The problem with the drilling with a drill press or mill is that you lose the feel of the tool.  A good machinist knows the right “feel” for the feed.  You just can’t get that with a small drill bit.

A micro drill adapter will give you the tactile sensation you need for control.  This prevents drill bit breakage.

The micro drill adapter fits into your chuck (keyed or keyless) and then mounts to your mill or press.  As the spindle rotates, the adapter gives you control of the bit.  Just grab the smooth ring and feed the drill by hand. This smooth, fingertip control is the difference between successful peck cycles and a pile of broken bits.

You get quicker setup as well.  Set your bit in the adapter before placing the adapter in the chuck.  Then you’re ready to drill.

Can’t picture it?  Check  out this video


Uses for Micro Drill Adapters

Even the home machinist or hobbyist has a use for small bits.  You need micro drills for working with

  • Jewelry
  • Pinholes for photography
  • Holes in shells
  • Pilot holes for scroll saw work
  • Filters

If you need to drill a small hole, you need a micro drill and a micro drill adapter.

micro drill adapter

American Made Micro Drill Adapters for Work or Play

Whether you are micromachining for work or pleasure, you want a quality tool that gives you the precision you need.  After all, micro drilling is all about precision.  That’s why you should demand quality, American-made equipment made by Sierra American Multi Systems.

Sierra American products are proudly made in the USA by American workers.  The AF 22 Micro Drill Adapter comes with everything you need to get started with micro drilling.

  • It is made with a hardened drive pin design. This avoids the weakening that occurs with other designs.
  • The O tapper works with keyed and keyless chucks
  • Double shielded bearings for smooth operation and long life
  • 5 year warranty

You demand the best, demand Sierra American.  Ask for the AF 22 Micro Drill Adapter by name and don’t settle for anything less.  It’s American made and provides lasting quality at an affordable price. To get micro drilling, get Sierra American.



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