8 November 2019
8 November 2019,

November is the month to take stock. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. This month, Sierra American Multi-Systems is giving thanks for the products that made up a favorite with machinists. Let’s start with the ultra precision arbor.

TIR indicator Source: Harbor Freight

Why Use an Ultra Precision Arbor?

Why won’t any saw arbor do? Can’t you just use any saw arbor? Well, it depends on the job you are doing. For some jobs, you need tight control and precision. You need ultra precision.

Ultra precision tames Total Indicated Runout (TIR). TIR is the combination of radial and angular runout. Because nothing in the world spins perfectly on its axis. Radial runout happens when you use the wrong tool holder. That very same radial runout also ruins your ability to achieve precision. Angular runout could start at the spindle as be traced back to worn bearings. No tool holding solution for angular runout. But, for radial runout the solution is an ultra precision arbor.

ultra precision arbor

The Gold Standard in Ultra Precision

The Sierra American gold series of ultra precision saw arbors sets the industry standard for precision and durability.

Be thankful for an arbor that was engineered for high speed applications. Carbide and cobalt blades are these arbors best friends. And together, you’ll be thankful for their friendship.

Clean cuts from an arbor that gets you close to the work area than you ever thought possible.

Extra support comes from a deep low profile cap. That added rigidity is just like gravy on your mashed potatoes. It makes a good thing even better.

Of course the extra long reach is just like whipped cream on your pie. It’s why this arbor out performs all others.

Thankful for American Manufacturing

At Sierra American, we are American manufacturers. Therefore, we manufacture for other American manufacturers.

We believe our product is superior to any many overseas. Also, when you buy American, you support American manufacturing. Together, we will create a rising tide to lift all boats.

Don’t get ripped off by cheap imitations. Ask for Sierra American by name or buy our products online.

We’re thankful for you, our customers and we’re thankful for the opportunity to provide you with a superior ultra precision arbor.

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