9 November 2017
9 November 2017,

November is a month for giving thanks. At Sierra American Multi-Systems we’re thankful for many things. We give thanks for machinists, the work they do and the tools they use. We’re thankful for CNC saws, CNC drills, and even humble CNC fly cutters.

cnc fly cuttersWhy CNC Fly Cutters?

Merriam Webster defines a fly cutter as:

a cutting tool set transversely to and revolving with the arbor of a lathe and acting upon work fed into its circular path

But,  CNC fly cutters are so much more. They are the tool that makes old engine heads new again. They give a mirror-like smoothness to metal.

No face mill will ever give you the finish you get with a fly cutter. It’s just not the right tool for the job. Sierra American is thankful for the machinist that understands this. We’re thankful for the machinists that rely on Sierra American fly cutters too. These machinists appreciate quality.

One Tool, One Job

Alton Brown may not tolerate uni-taskers in his kitchen, but Alton Brown isn’t a machinist. If a machinist can find a tool that does one job really well, then he grabs it and uses it. When it gets dull he sharpens it and uses it some more. Now rip hammers may find use outside of hammering nails (splitting wood, digging a hole, straightening a blade) but in the CNC shop, a fly cutter is a thing of beauty. It is perfectly designed to make very shallow cuts. It covers a large area in one pass. That’s why it’s perfect for finishing. Remove all the material you need with your mill, then fly cut the finish. You’ll be thankful you did.

Thankful Americans Still Appreciate Quality

Sierra American manufacturers some of the finest CNC tools on the market today. We’re proud to manufacture in the USA. We believe American machinists deserve high quality. We’re thankful that we’ve had the support of loyal customers for over 25 years. We succeed because Americans still appreciate quality. So the next time you are in the market for a  fly cutter, multi stop, saw arbor or tool tray ask for Sierra American by name. You’ll be glad you did and we will be thankful.



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