28 May 2019
28 May 2019,

Been shopping online for tools and supplies lately? If so, you’ve seen most tool sites with disclaimers that prices may or may represent impact of tariffs. That means even if you buy in the U.S., if the part was made overseas or made with materials from overseas, the price may not be accurate. Who wants a surprise after you place an order? Suppliers don’t want to lose money, so they pass the tariff on to you. So, if you need an R8 tool holder to wrangle your collets, go with Sierra American Multi-Systems and worry no more.

R8 tool holder made in the USAAmerican Made R8 Tool Holder

Every tool and tray sold by Sierra American is made in the USA. No tariff on goods from China impact the price of this tray. In 2017, China was our top trading partner with over $711 billion in goods changing hands. However, their market hasn’t been as open to American manufacturers as American markets have been to Chinese manufacturers.

Currently, the United States enacted tariffs on certain products coming in from China. These tariffs are added in phases. The third phase went into effect on May 10. The fourth and final list of items subject to tariffs will probably be released in July.

Just buy US. Don’t worry about lists and tariffs. The price you see when you search will be the price you get when you buy.  So, if your R8 tool holder is Chinese, your prices increased. If your R8 tool holder is made by Sierra American, there is no increase in price due to tariffs.

R8 R8 tool holder with clear cover

High Impact Plastic versus Aluminum

Some R8 tool holders use aluminum. If the aluminum comes from China, you’re going to pay more. Those tariffs aren’t just on finished goods. They apply to raw materials.

Sierra American utilizes high impact plastic in their process. This protects your expensive collets from damage and protects your wallet from tariffs on aluminum.

American made materials used to manufacture this product in the United States? That makes it tariff proof, no matter what the situation is with China. Same goes for trade relations with Mexico and Canada too.

Sierra American Supports American Manufacturing

Sierra American Multi-Systems supports American manufacturing. Tools, trays, wrenches and whatever else you need. Made in America for American machinists. Tariff proof.

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