6 December 2019

Saw Arbors Make a Great Christmas Gift

6 December 2019,

Got a machinist in your life? Looking for a holiday gift?  Whether you machinist is a CNC‘er or runs old school by hand, saw […]

27 March 2018

Matching Saw Arbors and Jobs

27 March 2018,

Picking the right saw arbor is all about matching the job to the saw and thus the saw arbors. Saw arbors vary. Make sure […]

ultra precision arbor
16 March 2017

American Made Ultra Precision Arbors for American Machinists

16 March 2017,

Milling machines have evolved to bring more power and more precision to the craft.  As the need for precision increased, the machinery became more […]

21 December 2016

Saw Arbors Are Fa La La La La Fabulous

21 December 2016,

Happy Holidays from Sierra American Multi-Systems!  We’re putting on the holly socks, drinking eggnog and feeling festive.  What better time to sing the praises […]

13 July 2016

Ultra Precision Arbors – Your Secret Weapon for High Precision Machining

13 July 2016,

High precision machining generally deals with tolerances in the single-digit micron range. In inch units, those are “tenths” (ten-thousandths of an inch, or 0.0001in).  […]