20 September 2018

R8 Tool Holder Trays Hold R8 Collets That Hold Tools

20 September 2018,

Sorry, not sorry. You’ve got to admit that title is fun. Because in the shop, a tool holder can be a collet or a […]

11 January 2017

Organize and Protect Collets in 2017 with R8 Collet Trays

11 January 2017,

It’s a new year, time to get organized and start fresh. Get your R8 collets together and get them straight. Get them in an […]

13 August 2016

R8 Tool Holders for Bridgeport R8 Collets

13 August 2016,

Bridgeport is the home of the R8 collet.  Bridgeport set the standard for milling machines and was a lead innovator in CNC milling.  The […]

13 October 2015

R8 Tool Holder For a More Efficient Shop

13 October 2015,