11 January 2020

Resolve to Be Nice: Use R8 Collet Trays and Such in 2020

11 January 2020,

It’s a new year. Time for those resolutions. This year, resolve to be nicer. Start with your collets. After all, those guys work hard […]

28 May 2019

Tariffs Won’t Impact This R8 Tool Holder

28 May 2019,

Been shopping online for tools and supplies lately? If so, you’ve seen most tool sites with disclaimers that prices may or may represent impact […]

28 August 2017

Cart is R8 Tool Holder and Supply Carrier All-In-One

28 August 2017,

You can’t get there from here. Sound familiar? Is that how you feel when you need to move your tools, collets, and supplies from […]

13 August 2016

R8 Tool Holders for Bridgeport R8 Collets

13 August 2016,

Bridgeport is the home of the R8 collet.  Bridgeport set the standard for milling machines and was a lead innovator in CNC milling.  The […]