25 October 2019

Fly Cutter or Face Mill?

25 October 2019,

So, you’ve got to remove some metal. You need a highly polished finish and you don’t have a lot of time. Whatcha gonna do? […]

29 April 2019

The Wondrous CNC Flycutter and Tips for Its Use

29 April 2019,

Most experienced manual machinists know that if you want the best finish, you’ve got to whip out the fly cutter. Now many CNC machinists […]

13 March 2019

CNC Fly Cutters in the Wood Shop

13 March 2019,

When you think about CNC fly cutters, you probably think about jobs in a metal working or machine shop. Tasks like skimming heads for […]

11 December 2018

Fly Cutter Factoid

11 December 2018,

The fly cutter is the ultimate finishing tool. It produces a flawless finish in one pass (provided you use the right size cutter). Both […]

13 March 2018

Fly Cutters in the Modern Shop

13 March 2018,

Machinists are moving to CNC machines and they are taking their fly cutters with them. Smart move. Fly cutters remove large amounts of metal […]