11 January 2020

Resolve to Be Nice: Use R8 Collet Trays and Such in 2020

11 January 2020,

It’s a new year. Time for those resolutions. This year, resolve to be nicer. Start with your collets. After all, those guys work hard […]

9 October 2019

Do You Really Need to Use a Collet Wrench?

9 October 2019,

When you put your collets on your machine, do you really need to use a collet wrench? Can you hand tighten your collets or […]

11 June 2019

Collet and Collet Wrench Versus Chuck and Chuck Key

11 June 2019,

It’s the match-up of the year. In one corner we have the collet and its trainer the collet wrench and in the other, good […]

8 January 2019

Resolve to Respect Your Collet and Collet Wrench in 2019

8 January 2019,

Welp, another year is upon us. What have you resolved for 2019? Was it to be more efficient? Did you resolve to be kinder […]

24 January 2018

How Nostradamus Predicted the Collet Wrench*

24 January 2018,

Michael de Nostradame was a French medical doctor, astrologer and prognosticator of things to come. Today he’s referred to as Nostradamus and people read […]