a good slitting saw arbor is a safe harbor
27 October 2015
27 October 2015,

Slitting and slotting saws are common in the shop of a hobbyist and in professional CNC shops. They do have special uses and considerations. They also require a dedicated slitting saw arbor. Here is why.

Types and Uses of Slitting Saws

Slitting saws are very handy for making slit cuts. You can use a slitting saw to slot a screw head, make slits in clamp rings, or mark the graduations on a control knob.

While slitting saws are handy, they are also very delicate tools. At first glance, they may look like traditional circular saw blades you use to cut wood. They come in a variety of sizes.

The general rule of thumb with a slitting saw is to use the smallest saw for the job. The fewer the teeth on the saw, the thicker material you can slit. There are very fine toothed slitting saws called “Jeweler’s Saws.” Jeweler’s saws are usually very thin and they don’t cut very deep. However, they are perfect or making a slit in something like a thin walled tube. Because the teeth are so small and close, there is no room in the gullet for chips to collect.

No matter the size, slitting saws are generally made of high speed steel (HSS) or carbide.

That carbide demands rigid mounting.

The Job of Your Slitting Saw Arbor

The job of a slitting saw arbor isn’t terribly complicated. Arbors don’t need to spend a a good slitting saw arbor is a safe harbordecade in school or years as an understudy to learn their role. All a slitting saw arbor needs to do is hold your saw. Seems simple – just hold the saw.

Unfortunately, a bad slitting saw arbor lets your blade wander through work like a drunken sailor wanders the streets on leave.

There is nothing is worse than watching the saw flopping around and way out of tolerance no matter how carefully you set up the tooling. There has to be a better way.

To make things worse, slitting saws can be expensive and you don’t want to damage the blades. Wobbling blades ruin the work and can ruin the blade just as fast as using the wrong cutting speed.


Sierra American Slitting Saw Arbors are Your Saw’s Safe Harbor

slitting saw arborDon’t let a bad arbor turn your saw into a staggering drunken sailor. Give your saw a safe harbor with a Sierra American slitting saw arbor. General purpose slitting saw arbors by Sierra American feature a Vibra-Core design. This special heat treating process allows for most cutter vibration to be absorbed. Your saw will stay firmly seated.  Not sure which one is right?  Here are the exact arbor dimensions.

You also get extra support and less cutter slippage from deep, low profile caps. This slitting saw arbor setdesign also gets your cutter closest to the work area then any slitting saw arbor on the market. It’s a safe harbor for your slitting saw.

Like all Sierra American products, the slitting saw arbors are proudly made in the USA and come with a full 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Ask For Sierra American

Be sure to ask for Sierra American by name. If your supplier doesn’t carry Sierra American, ask them to place an order for you or call (800) 576-5331 to find a dealer near you. Your slitting saw deserves a safe harbor, it deserves a Sierra American arbor.

sailboat art courtesy Dan@freedigitalphotos.net


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