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28 November 2016
28 November 2016,

Slitting saws are different.  Yeah, we’ve talked about it before.  We covered slitting saw techniques in another blog you might want to review.  Today we take a brief look at selecting a slitting saw arbor and then using the right feeds and speeds.

Slitting Saw Arbors

As important as picking the right saw blades is picking the right slitting saw arbors.  Some home hobbyist websites recommend making a slitting saw arbor as an “easy-to-so” project.  That’s just bad advice.  If you can get a high-quality slitting saw arbor for $50 or under why would you waste time and material on an inferior arbor?  Besides why waste your time on such a boring project?

slitting saw arbors sold as a set

With any cut, you don’t want your blade to wander.  For slitting saw arbors, it is critical to absorb cutter vibration lest you destroy the blade, destroy the work piece, or worst case scenario: destroy the blade and the work piece.

Select the arbor that will get your blade close to the work area.  Once you start cutting, dive in!  By burying the cutter in the work early it will actually provide support to the blade.  That doesn’t mean speeds are high.  Overspeed is sure to kill.  Speaking of which, let’s look at feeds and speeds.

Slitting Saw Speeds and Feeds

software helps productivityThere is a rule of thumb that you always keep two teeth in the work, but that is a carry-over from cutting with a band saw.  It’s not always true with slitting saws.

Your RPMs will depend on the saw material.  RPMs are different from high speed steel than they are with carbide blades.  The work material comes into the equation as well.

Cutting Speed/Saw Diameter x 4 = RPM

Once you have calculated the saw speed the next thing you need to figure is the feed.

Chipload per Tooth x No. of Teeth x No. of Teeth = Feed

The most accurate way to calculate your speeds and feeds is with software.  FS Wizard is a free on-line calculator.  The G-Wizard calculator is available for purchase at  The advantage of purchased software is the ability to store tool information for use again.

Machine with the American Pros

made-usaWhether you are a professional machinist or a hobbyist, make sure you machine with only the best.  Machine with the pros at Sierra American Multi-Systems.

For over 20 years, Sierra American has been manufacturing high-quality arbors, multi-stops, tool trays and holders, and collet wrenches. Got a custom set-up?  Custom arbors are not a problem at Sierra American.  Every product is proudly made in the USA.  Sierra American is the American manufacturer that supports American manufacturing.

If your supplier doesn’t carry Sierra American, ask them to order it for you.  Call (800) 576-5331 to find a supplier near you.






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