14 June 2017
14 June 2017,

Father’s Day is almost here. If Dad is a manual or CNC machinist, celebrate him and his special superpower. Here’s some great gift ideas that range from serious tools like saw arbors to funny stickers that show you know how important his job is.

Saw Arbors

So, let’s start serious. Dad needs toolholders. Whether he uses ultra precision saws or slitting or slotting saws, he needs quality saw arbors to hold his blade in place. Get him a single general purpose arbor or a set of ultra precision saw arbors. You can’t go wrong either way if you go with Sierra American. He gets less clutter slippage and gets his cutter as close to the work area as possible. ultra precision saw arbors

You don’t know what this means, but he does. It’s important, so make sure you get saw arbors made by Sierra American Multi-Systems.


No matter what Dad rides, make sure it’s marked. This sticker on the car, truck, or even helmet tells everyone about his special superpower. Celebrate Dad and his skill set when you tell the world he’s a machinist and he can build anything in the world. This sticker for machinists isn’t bragging, it’s telling the truth.

Because the only button Dad pushes is Start.

Patent Print

Does Dad have an appreciation for art? Does he collect old tools?  If so, he is going to go absolutely crazy for this print.  This high quality print is a reproduction of the patent print for a turret style milling machine. The patent was granted in 1959.

Dad can look back in time to a turret style milling machine that in its’ patent promised

“the turret can be hand wheeled throughout three hundred and sixty degrees or turned to any desired position by self-locking worm gearing in a. fast positive manner”

Encourage Dad to check out inventor Walter Grabes on the internet. Now there’s a story that’s like a bonus gift.

Tee Shirt

Hey Dad is a machinist not an accountant. He doesn’t need no stinking tie. Get him apparel he will appreciate. Get him something that shows you appreciate the struggles of his work day in and day out. Yes, this tee shirt was made for machinists. After all, where would engineers be if it weren’t for machinists to set them straight.

Straight from the Detroit Speed Factory, this 100% cotton jersey shirt is soft on the skin but conveys the hard truth. Machinists are essential.


We think machinists are special. So, Sierra American Multi-Systems hopes you take time to celebrate all the machinist Dads this Father’s Day. Machining is a superpower and Dads are super heroes.



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