6 December 2019
6 December 2019,

Got a machinist in your life? Looking for a holiday gift?  Whether you machinist is a CNC‘er or runs old school by hand, saw arbors make great, thoughtful gifts.

                                                    Aren’t Arbors Trees?

What’s a Saw Arbor?

All right, if you think trees when you hear the word arbor, you might be confused by the term saw arbor.

A saw arbor is a critical piece of tooling in any shop. It holds the cutter in place. The cutter is the actual tool that removes material from the work stock. So, if you are working with wood, plastic, or metal you need a blade to make the cut (a blade and cutter are the same thing) and you need an arbor to hold the blade to the machine.

Got it?

No trees involved with this arbor.

slitting saw arbors

What Makes a Good Saw Arbor?

So, know you know what a saw arbor is, how do you identify a good saw arbor? What characteristics make it “good”?

Well to begin with, when you are machining, there is a principle referred to as rigidity. You want things to be rigid. Rigidity gives you control. Control is important when you’ve got a shop full of powerful tools that are very sharp. Loose control and someone or something is going to get hurt.

So, you want extra support to get rigidity.

In addition, you need to be able to get the cutter where you want. Some arbors get in the way of the cutter. The arbor actually prevents you from getting the blade as close to the blade as possible. That’s a bad thing. To prevent that from happening, a good arbor has a low profile cap.

You also want a long reach. Just like the low profile cap, a long reach lets you get the blade where you want it, without limitations from the machine.

slitting saw arbor set

Finding the Perfect Gift

Finding the perfect saw arbor to be the perfect gift isn’t hard. Just go online or shop in person at your local tool supplier.

Ask for Sierra American Multi-Systems saw arbors by name. If you don’t ask by name, you might get a cheap, foreign imitation. That’s not the quality you want in a gift. You’ll find general use saw arbors, slitting saw arbors, and ultra precision arbors. Just pick Sierra American, and you know you’ve picked the right gift. Every arbor is heat treated for extra rigidity and has low profile caps to get the cutter close to the work area. Extra long reach too! It outperforms the rest. Get Sierra American and get the best.


Merry Christmas from

Sierra American Multi-Systems

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