21 December 2016
21 December 2016,

Happy Holidays from Sierra American Multi-Systems!  We’re putting on the holly socks, drinking eggnog and feeling festive.  What better time to sing the praises of our saw arbors.  They are fa la la la la fabulous.  Treat yourself to one this holiday season.

General Purpose Saw Arbors

Sierra American makes high quality general purpose slitting and saw arbors.  They are hardened all over so you get an added measure of toughness on the shank.  Speaking of shanks, the shanks of  all general purpose saw arbors have been ground to within .001 TIR of cutter location.

The super low profile on the caps means your cutter can get places you just can’t go with a conventional saw arbor.  Sort of like Star Trek, they boldly go where no cutter goes before. Sure that was silly, but we have been drinking eggnog you know.

fabulous saw arbors

Fa la la Fabulous Saw Arbor

The extra stout plug means you get extra support.  Extra support means less vibration.  Less vibration means more control.  Machining is all about control

Ultra Precision Saw Arbors

Sometimes you just gotta get precise.  That’s when need an ultra precision saw arbor.  The ultra precision saw arbor made by Sierra American Multi-Systems is ideal for tool sharpening, cutting, and grinding applications.  It is ready to stand up to your high-speed CNC applications that use carbide or high speed cobalt saws.

It has an extra long reach and like the general purpose arbor it has a super low profile cap. Your cutter gets as close as possible to the work area.  It outperforms all other arbors.

ultra precision saw arbors

Gold Series Saw Arbors

These ultra precision saw arbors are the gold standard.  They are sold individually or in sets and you can find them a fine suppliers like US Shop Tools and The Tool Company.

Custom Saw Arbors

Sometimes stock just won’t do! We may be drinking eggnog and wearing holly socks, but we totally get it.  That’s why Sierra American is one of the few places you can go when you need a custom arbor.  Just fill out our Custom Arbor Request form with the dimensions you need and we’ll get right back to you with the cost.

Saw Arbors Made in the USA

Every saw arbor we sell is made right here in the USA.  When you buy a Sierra American Multi-Systems product you support American manufacturing.

We’re doing our part to keep this great country in the business of manufacturing the highest quality CNC tools and supplies available.

If your supplier doesn’t offer Sierra American, ask them to order it for you.  Explain that you aren’t about to get ripped off by inferior products from China that just don’t do the job.

Demand the best.  Demand American made.  Demand Sierra American saw arbors; they are fa la lala la fabulous.

Happy Holidays from Sierra American Multi-Systems





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