8 January 2019
8 January 2019,

Welp, another year is upon us. What have you resolved for 2019? Was it to be more efficient? Did you resolve to be kinder and more respectful? Why not start by showing your collets a little more love and respect. That includes using a collet wrench for just the right amount of torque.

Respect Those Collets with WD-40

Your collet is the only thing between your machine and your tool. Be kind and be respectful to it. After all, runout begins at the collet. That’s because your collet is like a wedge that provides the clamping force to keep the tool in place. Less clamping equals more runout.

No one resolves to have more runout. So respect those collets and keep them clean. Start with their first day on the job. Most collets arrive at the shop with a thin coating of oil to protect the metal. That’s great all the way from the time of manufacture up until the first time you want to use the collet. Then, that coating is suddenly bad.

So, as soon as you receive a new collet, take a rag and a little WD-40 (that stuff has a million uses, check out some cool stuff about WD-40) and remove that coating.

image source WD-40

If you haven’t used a collet for some time, you should show it some love and clean it before you use it. Once again, the go to is WD-40. This time use a soft brush with the WD-40 to loosen any visible bits of gunk or deposits in the taper area. These deposits are dirt in the toolholder or even bits of swarf that may find their way into your collets. If they are large enough to be seen, they are large enough to cause problems. Evict them with a soft brush and WD-40. While you’re at it, go ahead and wipe down the inside of the collet and clean the slots as well. Your collet will love you for it.

Respect and the Collet Wrench

WD-40 isn’t the only tool in the shop to show your collets you care. Respect your collets by using a collet wrench to get just the right amount of torque.

collet wrench

The collet wrench does nothing more and nothing less than apply the right amount of torque to tighten your collets. It may be a uni-tasker (unlike WD-40 and duct tape) but it does its assigned task exceptionally well. Just align the wrench prongs into the collet and turn the wrench to thread the collet into your machine. Voila! Just the right amount of torque.

Show your collets respect by using a collet wrench that has a concave face for the perfect fit. That’s the collet wrench made by Sierra American Multi-Systems. You can’t miss it, it has a florescent orange handle. Be sure to ask for it by name wherever you buy your tools.

2019 is the year to respect those collets. So invest in WD-40 and a collet wrench from Sierra American.


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