11 January 2020
11 January 2020,

It’s a new year. Time for those resolutions. This year, resolve to be nicer. Start with your collets. After all, those guys work hard holding your tools. They could use a little kindness. Why chuck those collets (pun intended) in a box when you can store them in collet trays. R8 collet trays and 5C trays hold collets securely. That’s nice. It’s a start.

Get Organized and Be Nice at the Same Time

“I love how I can never find anything in my shop” said no machinist ever. Chaos isn’t conducive to productivity. Even in the home shop, you want some level of productivity. Sure you’re out there to unwind and relax by grinding, cutting, and drilling metal, but chaos isn’t relaxing. You’ll be more relaxed when you can put your hands on your tools when you need them.

If you keep your tools in collets, then keeping the collets in a collet tray makes sense. Protect your collets from damage. They’ll appreciate it.

Use a tray with a clear cover and you’ll find the collet you need at a glance. That’s nice to you and nice to your tools and nice to your collets. It’s just nice. What a great way to start 2020.

Use a Collet Wrench

Be nice to your collets and tighten then with a collet wrench. Don’t over torque and damage your collets.

Insert collets from the noise piece of your lathe with ease. Since you’re getting organized, get something like this:

collet wrenchThat bright orange will be easy to find no matter where you set it down in the shop. And resolve to give it a dedicated place. It’s part of that resolution to be nice to the collets, be nice to the tools, and get organized.

collet trays and colletsDon’t Leave out the ER Collets

When you’re being nice to your collets, don’t leave out your ER collets. If by any chance you are lucky enough to have enough equipment to have the need for R8, 5C, and ER collets they let those ER collets have their own ER collet tray. You don’t want them to feel left out.

Why Collet Trays

Seriously, this was a light-hearted look at a serious topic. Collets and tooling aren’t cheap. You want to protect them and care for them so they serve you for many years. No matter your collet size, keep them in the right tray.

And with the amount of chips and schwarf flying in the shop, use collet trays with covers. It will keep your collets clean. A clean collet just grips better.

So, resolve to be nice to your collets in 2020. Keep them in a tray with a cover. Just like the collet trays made by Sierra American Multi-Systems. You can find them where you get your collets, collet wrenches, and other tools. Be sure to ask for Sierra American by name so you get a quality, American made product.




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