11 December 2017
11 December 2017,

Looking for a gift for your favorite machinist? It’s that time of year again. So, once again Sierra American Multi-Systems has put together a quick gift guide. Whether your machinist could use some R8 tool holders to get organized or a couple of extra collet wrenches, we’ve got ideas to stuff stockings or tuck under the tree.

R8 Tool Holders

Show you care by helping him care for his collets. R8 tool holders protect his precious tooling. Go ahead and grin, we know what you’re thinking. It’s not like that at all.

r8 tool holders protects collets

                                   R8 Tool Holders

These R8 tool holders will store up to 52 tooling heads, even oversized ones with ease. That’s one full set plus an extra 14 for emergencies. Made from strong, high-impact plastic. You know it will last. Sierra American products are available where ever you find quality CNC supplies. Budget about $30 to $35.

Diamond Hones

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But, machinists love diamonds too. Give your machinist precious diamonds, diamond hones that is.

diamond hones

                                               Diamond Hones

A set like this contains 3 different diamond hones. Superfine, fine and medium grit cover just about any sharpening or burring your machinist will do. We like the color coding. It’s a nice touch and really helps you put your hands on the right tool quickly. Sets like this are readily available and run less than $20.

HSS Drill Bit Set

If you’ve got a bigger budget, a HSS drill bit set is a sweet gift. Give an entire set of titanium coated high speed steel drill bits and get thanks all year.

                                                                           Drill Bit set by Steelex

These bits are tough. The titanium nitride coating makes them even tougher. They last up to 6 times longer than other bits. Shop around. The set from Steelex will run about $75 to $90 and includes the storing and carrying kit. And speaking of drilling, if your machinist is into tiny holes, throw in a microdrill adapter to give him touch control drilling.

Collet Wrench

Need a stocking stuffer? A collet wrench is a welcome addition to any machinist’s arsenal.

collet wrench

                             Collet Wrench by Sierra American

This may look odd to you, but it looks like gold to a machinist. Machinists use this tool to remove collets from the nosepiece of the lathe easily. Any time you make a job easier, you make a machinist happier. This gift is very affordable.

Happy Gift Giving

Sierra American wishes you a happy gift giving season. We hope these ideas help you get the right gift for your machinist. American manufacturing is making a come-back. And, this come back is only possible thanks to American machinists like your friend or family member. Machinists are essential, so take good care of yours.


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