8 May 2018
8 May 2018,

Even the machine hobbyist needs to work efficiently. You take pride in your work, you don’t want to rush it, but you do want to get ‘er done. Any tool that can help you stay organized and work efficiently deserves a space on the bench. So, make room for the R8 tool holder and collet tray.

R8 tool holder with cover

Keep Collets and Tools Safe

Go ahead and set up your tools, knowing an R8 tool holder tray will keep them in order and keep them safe. A good tray stores a variety of collet sizes for all your tools. When it’s time for a change, everything you need is right at hand. So, you don’t spend time searching for your collet and searching for your tool. You spend your time doing what you love, machining! An R8 tray or a 5C collet tray made of heavy-duty material protects as well as stores. That’s double duty and anything that does double duty is good in a home shop.

R8 tool holder with clear cover

Keep Collets and Tools Clean

Mom said “cleanliness is next to Godliness”. She was probably reminding you to wash your hands, but that advice applies to the home shop as well. Let’s face it, machining is dirty business. Between chips and fluid flying around, it’s easy to make a mess very quickly. If you aren’t using a vacuum system, small particles are flying through the air. They make a mess. And that mess can extend to your collets. Once coated in chips and swarf, collets don’t work so well. They are a bugger to clean. So avoid the drama by storing collets in an R8 tray with a cover. The best covers are clear, so you can see what’s at hand. Once again, don’t waste time hunting for collets and tools. Keep them stored and keep them in storage that keeps them clean. Keep your collets in a covered tray.

Use Your R8 Tray for Order

Go ahead and put the tools you need for the job in their collets. Place the collets in your R8 tray in sequence and speed up the change process.

When you finish one operation and are ready for the next, your tools are already sequenced. Just a few minutes to plan in advance can save considerable time when you start machining. Every collet you need is standing in line, just waiting on you.  Between an orderly 5C or R8 tray and your collet wrench, you’ll be a quick change artist. Less time setting up and more time machining. That’s why you’re in the shop, right?

saw arbors, fly cutters, plastic collet and wrenches

R8 Tool Holders, Collet Trays, Collet Wrenches and More

No matter what you need to keep organized and keep machining, Sierra American Multi-Systems has you covered. From R8 tool holders and 5C collet trays to collet wrenches, fly cutters, saw arbors and more. Sierra American manufacturers in the USA. Every product we sell is produced by American machinists for American machinists.

Don’t settle for cheap imitations in your shop. Ask for Sierra American by name when you buy your tools and supplies.

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