19 January 2016
19 January 2016,

You can have the finest Mori Seiki equipment and the best blade, but if you don’t have a quality saw arbor, the proper coolant/lubricant/ and the right feed and speed you aren’t going to get a quality cut.

Slitting Saw Cuts are Different

You can cruise over to Practical Machinist or any of the other on-line forums for CNC’ers and you will see hundreds of threads about problems with slitting saw cuts. Broken blades, broken arbors, ruined work if it can go wrong in machining, it will probably go wrong with a cut made by a slitting saw. But for some things, you can’t beat the cut you get from a slitting saw.

Advantages. Slitting saws are great if you need a very thin cut. While they aren’t designed for thick or deep cuts, you can cut thin fairly deep. It’s also much easier to get a thin slot than with an end mill.

Disadvantages. You need slow speeds for most slitting saws, especially if the blade is large. Feed speeds need to be slow, but you can’t let the blade dwell or run too slow. They require lots of cutting oil or lubricant and it can be very hard to get fluid to where the cutting action is taking place if the slit is particularly thin or deep.

Flood Your Slitting Saw

flood your slitting saw cut with fluidIt doesn’t matter what kind of material you are working or what type of blade you are using, slitting requires plenty of lubricant. Slitting saws are generally very thin. They are also fragile as saw blades go.

The metal on your blade has been heat treated to keep it hard and keep it sharp. As the blade cuts, friction is created. This friction results in heat; and heat is what ruins the blade treatment and makes the blade dull quickly. Chips and/or the work material can fuse to the blade. That’s one sure way to ruin the work and is death to the blade.

Use plenty of cutting oil or lubricant to provide a constant flow of lubricant or coolant to the blade. It keeps the blade cool and also helps clear chips.

Quality Saw Arbor is Key

So you have a good machine, an awesome blade, and plenty of coolant. Don’t ruin the set-up with an inferior saw arbor.slitting saw arbor

Sure you can find cheap, imported arbors on the market. But you get what you pay for. If you don’t pay much, you probably won’t get much. Those imported arbors are rarely every true. This causes a real problem if you are making horizontal cuts.

Cheap imported arbors are rarely ever true – problem is even more pronounced with horizontal cuts. On one forum, a CNC’er complained that his saw was wandering like a drunk sheepherder. The resounding answer from the group? Get a saw arbor from Sierra American!

Slitting Saw Arbors and Precision Arbors

Whether you need an arbor for precision cutting or a quality slitting saw arbor, trust Sierra American for an arbor that is true and engineered for CNC applications.

slitting saw arbor set

The Sierra American Multi-Systems slitting saw arbors fit blades from ¼” to 1 ¼”. You get deep, low profile caps to reduce slippage. The extra long reach out lets you go where other arbors don’t. Talk about stable! No drunk sheepherder here, just a faithful servant.

All Sierra American products are made in the USA. Don’t settle for cheap imports that aren’t true.

If your dealer doesn’t carry Sierra American ask them to order it. You can also buy on-line from US Shop Tools or The Tool Company.

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