18 February 2019
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18 February 2019,

For the home machinist, the only thing scarier than using a fly cutter is trying to cut with precision. Precision requires control and many hobbyists aren’t sure of their control. But control shouldn’t be a problem if you use the right precision saw arbor.

A precision saw is nothing more than a saw that is used to make small cuts. You can cut wood or you can cut metal. But you make small cuts with precision. These slits are only possible when you get close to the work area.

precision saw arbor

Tips to Cutting with Precision

Now that you understand what makes a precision cut, let’s put it in action. Here are some precision cutting tips:

  • Run Slow – Just because your precision saw blade looks like a regular circular saw blade doesn’t mean it is one. So, for best results get close and run slow. The feed rate must be low as well.
  •  Flood it – Don’t be stingy with lubricant.
  •  Clear it – remove all swarf after each pass
  •  One Way – always cut in the same direction

Picking a Precision Saw Arbor

All saw arbors are designed to hold the saw blade in place. But cutting with precision requires exceptional rigidity and it requires the blade to get up close and personal with the work. Standard saw arbors are held in place with a cap. This is a problem if the workpiece is held in place by a vise. The clamping screw and vise will meet up and when they do it’s not pretty. But the precision saw arbor made by Sierra American Multi-Systems solves that problem. It has a deep cap that creates a low profile. You get the closest blade to work area than a standard arbor.

slitting saw arbor

Ultra Precision Saw Arbor from Sierra American

The Sierra American precision saw arbor does more than get you close to your workpiece. In addition  you get:

  • Superior vibration absorption
  • Weldon shank for durability
  • Extra Long Reach
  • 5 Year Warranty

Every saw arbor we sell is proudly made in the USA. Sold in sets or individually wherever quality tools are sold.

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