22 November 2019
22 November 2019,

Slitting and slotting saws are handy in the shop. Use a slitting saw to cut deep, narrow slots. Or, you can use one to remove then slices from your work stock. You install a milling slitting saw blade on the spindle with a slitting saw arbor. It’s better than an end mill for many cuts. This is especially true for cuts that are considerably deeper than wide. Your slitting saw will perform better and do the job faster.

precision saw blades are held by precision saw arborsSelecting Your Blade

One of the most important criteria in blade selection is the number of teeth on the blade. You’ve got to have the proper number of teeth for what you want to do. Select a blade with a higher tooth count for a cleaner, finished cut.  Jeweler’s saws are a very fine-toothed slitting blade.

Pick from a carbide or high speed steel blade made. Always select the proper blade material for the job.

Always select the absolute thickest saw blade your job specs will tolerate. The thicker the blade the more stable it will be. The more stability you have the fewer problems you’ll encounter.

Don’t forget to select the right size saw blade. Most slitting saw blades have a 3” to 4” diameter. You want the smallest blade your job specs will tolerate. As the blade diameter increases, the greater the chance for runout and wobbling

software helps productivityFeeds and Speeds

Slitting cuts are ultra-precise. You must select the feeds and speeds correctly.  Always use software that has settings specifically for slitting cuts. Slitting saw blades are delicate. Get the feeds and speeds wrong and you destroy the blade and probably the work too.

There are two schools of thought for making deep cuts. One makes multiple cuts that start shallow and progressively cut deeper and deeper. The other makes the cut in one pass.

The one pass theory assumes that not all chips clear and remaining chips just cause problems during the subsequent passes. This isn’t a problem when you use the proper feeds, speeds, and fluids. Seasoned machinists usually make a series of passes.

slitting saw arborSelecting Your Slitting Saw Arbor

Your slitting saw arbor  is just as important as the blade you pick. Sierra American Multi-Systems makes both slitting saw arbors and general purpose arbors. Because one blade doesn’t do it all and one saw arbor doesn’t do it all either.

A heat treatment to the arbor inhibits vibration. A deep low-profile cap provides rigidity. The benefit is decreased blade slippage. Buy one or buy a set.  Saw hole sizes range from ¼” all the way up to 1 ¼” inside diameter.

Every Sierra American slitting saw arbor is made in the USA. Get a full 5-year warranty against defects.

Find high quality Sierra American saw arbors where CNC supplies are sold. If your supplier doesn’t have Sierra American, be sure to ask for it by name.

Demand the best. Demand Sierra American slitting saw arbors.


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