14 July 2017
14 July 2017,

If you’ve got to drill a very small hole, you’re going to be working with a very small drill. Whether you use a drill press or a milling machine, it’s going to be tricky. That’s because it’s hard to get a good feel for your peck when you use a huge machine and a teensy weensy drill bit. Don’t peck without a micro drill adapter.  Here’s why.

Big Pecker

Peck and Feel

If you use your drill press very much you get a feel for the machine. You know what’s happening during the entire peck cycle. With the signals coming in through your hands, you can focus your eyes and brains on keeping chips clear.

You don’t get that tactile sensation if you are using an exceptionally small bit. So, the answer is to adapt the mill or press to give you fingertip control.  It’s easier than you think and not expensive. You don’t need expensive tooling.   You just install a micro drill adapter.

You’ll feel the bit and drill with ease. Trade a pile of broken bits for a micro drill adapter and feel every second of your peck cycle.

micro drill adapter

Micro Drill Adapter

How a Micro Drill Adapter Works

A micro drill adapter modifies your press or mill to give you better control. Just put the micro drill adapter into your chuck (it works with keyed and keyless chucks) and then mount into your drill or press. The adapter gives you control of the bit as the spindle is rotating. All you need to do is literally grab the rind and start your peck cycle. As the spindle rotates, the adapter gives you control of the bit.  If you really want to be slick, put your bit in the micro drill adapter before you place the adapter in the chuck. How’s that for fast setup?

Where to Find a Micro Drill Adapter

Most any shop that sells for the CNC trade sells micro drill adapters. You may also see them listed as accufeeds. Like soda and pop are the same fizzy liquid, an accufeed is just an adapter by another name.

Be sure to ask for the Sierra American Multi-System adapter if you want the best. Double shielded bearings and a hardened pin design make for a durable adapter. Like everything made by Sierra American, their adapter is made in the USA.

Don’t see Sierra American? Be sure to ask for it by name! If you don’t want problems, you’ll peck with a micro drill adapter.  If you don’t want problems with your adapter, you’ll get Sierra American Multi-Systems.





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