9 July 2018
9 July 2018,

No matter the taper, CNC tooling is expensive. Organizing, storing, and protecting these tools is easier with a CNC40 tool tray.

Save Floor Space

If floor space is at a premium in your shop, store tools vertically. When faced with this problem, Apollo Machinery in British Columbia just went vertical.

Read more about their solution over on Modern Machine Shop. Pay close attention to how they layered the tools. This makes them easily visible. They store more than just the cutter on the tool wall.  Storing fully assembled toolholders saves time spent changing tools in and out of holders. Software tracks the location and user of each tool when it is checked out. They loved it so much they patented it. Now in addition to machining manifolds, they make and sell Tool Walls. You don’t have to buy their Tool Wall, you get the idea. You can make your own.

add CNC40 tool tray to rolling cart to make your own tool cartJust add your trays to a standard cart and voila you’ve made your own cart!

cnc40 tool tray by Sierra American

Moving and Setting Up Tools

These tools are safe on the wall. Headed over to the machine is another story.  That’s where a rolling cart or CNC40 Tool Tray comes in handy. Better yet, a rolling cart with CNC40 Tool Tray inserts is the absolute best. Check out how to make your own tool cart and do-it-yourself and save a few bucks.

The cart just makes the job easier and faster. Use the tray to transport every tool you need for the job at one time. A numbered tray will even help you sequence the tools. Tools leave the tool crib (or wall) in good shape and arrive at the machine in the same condition.

Anything that speeds up set-up is a good thing. After all, if you spend more time on set-up than machining, you aren’t making money machining. With the economy booming, every ounce of productivity is important. If you engineer moving and setting up tools the same way you engineer the other aspects of your work, you can maximize machine run time and minimize downtime.

ultra precision arbors made in the USA

The American CNC40 Tool Tray for American Machinists

Sierra American Multi-Systems supports American manufacturing. Everything we sell is made in the USA by American machinists for American machinists. No cheap, foreign imitations ever leave our shop.

That means you can depend on Sierra American for quality trays that protect expensive tooling. We’re your source for flycutters, saw arbors, collet wrenches and more. No matter your taper, we’ve got the tool tray for you.

Ask for Sierra American by name and don’t settle for less.



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