11 January 2017
11 January 2017,

It’s a new year, time to get organized and start fresh. Get your R8 collets together and get them straight. Get them in an R8 collet tray.

r8 collet trays keep collects looking this newR8 Collets

Bridgeport developed the R8 taper for use in their milling machines.  A drawbar extends through the spindle to the top of the machine and prevents loosening.  Tools with an R8 taper are inserted directly into the machine’s spindle.  The collets (tool holders) are placed directly into the spindle and the drawbar is tightened into the top of the collet.   The R8 system is used with collets  18″ to  34″  diameter.

You know this; it’s not new.  What may be new is a way to keep those R8 collets organized and protected.  That’s the job of the R8 collet trays.

Protect Your Collets

Collets you use on a regular basis probably stay in good shape and rust-free.  Collets that aren’t used as often can get rusty.  The best rust preventative is humidity control.  Fans to circulate the air in the shop reduce humidity and keep moisture down.  Shop fans should run constantly to keep air moving. Not only does heating and air conditioning affect temperature; it affects humidity as well.  Avoid wild temperature swings as well.  Drastic changes in temperature cause metal to sweat.  So, even if the shop closes for a week for the 4th of July holiday, keep the fans on and the AC running.  Otherwise, when the shop re-opens and the AC is turned on, metal can start sweating.

A light coating of oil will protect collets that aren’t used regularly.  Don’t use anything heavy-duty or you will spend too much time cleaning it off.  Breakthrough CLP is effective for protecting more than just gun metal.

Store your collets in a heavy-duty collet tray.  The Sierra American Multi-System R8 collet tray is made of high-impact plastic that will not rust and it will not cause rust on your expensive tooling.

r8 tool trays protect colletsR8 Collet Trays are Kind to Your Collets

Collet trays or racks protect your collets and keep them organized.  52 holes in the R8-52 tray by Sierra American Multi-Systems gives you enough room for one full set of collets and room for emergency extras as well.  Steel stamped collet trays can damage your tooling; high-impact plastic will not.

Store your collets in a tray that is American built and American strong.  Store your collets in a Sierra American R8 collet tray.  5C trays are available too.

Ask your supplier for Sierra American by name. If they don’t carry it; ask them to order it.  Don’t trust your collets to cheap, foreign made trays from inferior materials. Get Sierra American and get American made products backed by a full 5 year warranty.  Sierra American Multi-Systems is simply the best; and your collets deserve the best.



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