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22 September 2015
22 September 2015,

What is Micro-Machining?

Micro-machining isn’t just about making things in miniature. Yes, many medical and electronic applications require micro drilling; however, ultra fine drilling might be needed as part of a larger piece.

circuit board

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Micro-machining can be anything that is generally 2.5 mm or less. As technology improves, even smaller drilling sizes are possible. A shop that is using micro-machining tools needs to pay attention to several factors.

Using the Right Equipment

Micro-machining requires a feed with high sensitivity. You need spindles with high speed rotation and low dynamic run-out. You either need to either purchase specialized machines or to evaluate your equipment’s capability to see if it is able to micro-machine.

Match the Material to the Tool

Like in all machining operations, it is important to match the correct drill to the material. However, in micro-drilling, the tool edges must be very sharp and the surface finish must be ultra fine. Problems arise if you must use too much force to evacuate the chips or if the chips start to weld to the flutes.

Holding the Tool

The toolholding technology for your micro drills is as important to the operation as the machine tool itself. The toolholder and spindle must deliver the drill to the work with ultra precision. Automated toolchanging may not be the best way to accomplish this. Hand clamping the collet to the spindle can be time consuming. To work efficiently, you need an efficient micro-drill adapter.  Sierra American can help

Micro Drill Adapter

The AF22 Micro Drill Adapter by Sierra American is the answer for efficient micro drilling. It simply outperforms all others.

It has a 1/2” shank and is perfect for straight shank applications. It is manufactured in the USA from micro drill adapterhardened and ground steel. The hardened drive-pin design avoids the weakening and expanding that is so common on the “C” clip design style. If you don’t want problems with the collets holding your tool, you want the Micro Drill Adapter. Features include:

  • Double shielded bearings
  • “O” tapper fits keyed or keyless chucks
  • 5 Year Warranty

Sierra American makes the one of the most accurate micro drill adapters sold. In addition, you save money with the AF22. The smooth fingertip operation means fewer drills break. Less drill breakage saves money.

When You are Ready for Micro-Machining

When you are ready for micro-machinging, Sierra American wants to help. Look for our products at fine CNC machine product shops. Some distributors may offer Sierra American, so be sure to ask for it by name. If you have questions, give us a call at (800) 576-531. We will be more than happy to answer your questions or even give you a quote on custom arbors, collet trays, and fly cutters.



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