31 January 2020
31 January 2020,

When you think micro machining and micro drilling you probably think about manufacturing parts on a miniature scale. That’s true for quite a few medical and electronic applications. But you may need to do a little micro machining (pun intended) as a small part of a larger piece. No matter the size of the workpiece, micro drilling requires macro control. That’s the control you get from micro drill adapters.

micro drill adapter makes very small holes

Image drilling hundreds of small holes

What is Micro Drilling or Micro Machining?

Micro drilling or micro machining involves work on a scale of  2.5 mm or less.  Over the years, digital technology gave more and more control to machining. With more and more control, you can drill smaller and smaller holes with precision. This might not be as useful in the home or hobby shop, but it is crucial in commercial machining. If you want to dip your toes in the micro machining waters, here’s some things to keep in mind.

Start With the Proper Equipment

Micro machining, requires the right kind of equipment. Look for machines that you operate with sensitivity. You need a high speed spindle (think 2000 to 4000 rpm) and a very low rate of dynamic run-out. If you can’t control run-out you can’t micro machining. It ruins every piece of work you attempt. If your equipment specs aren’t up to micro machining then you’ll need new equipment.

Avoid Automated Tool Changing

Micro drills are incredibly small and easily damaged. Don’t risk damage to your tools with automated tool changing. Sure, hand clamping takes time but if you break your bit with automated tool changes you haven’t saved time or money.  Hand clamping the collet to the spindle is easy with a collet wrench. Keep one handy.

micro drill adapters

Retain Fingertip Control

With a small drill press, you feel the peck cycle. That’s because you are manually controlling the peck. It’s just not the same with a large machine.

What if you could modify that large machine to allow for fingertip control while still retaining precision? Would you go for it?

Micro drill adapters from Sierra American Multi Systems does just that. Install in the spindle and you can control the entire peck cycle on a large machine.

Stop breaking bits and start drilling with precision. You’ll find Sierra American wherever the best tools are sold. So, ask for it by name.

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