10 July 2019
10 July 2019,

What is Micro Machining?

Micro machining makes things in miniature. These days, medical applications, electronics, and avionics all demand very small parts. But, micro machining is more than just machining miniatures. Sometimes a large part requires ultra fine drilling to finish the piece. That’s where micro machining and the micro drill adapter comes into play.

Micro machining is the term used in most machine shops to describe anything smaller than 2.5 mm. As machining gets more sophisticated, technology improves. Smaller and smaller are now possible.  Thinking about using micro machining? Pick the right tools. Keep these key factors in mind.

Start With the Right Equipment

Micro machining demands a feed with high sensitivity. Not every press is up to the task. The spindle be high speed, in the neighborhood of  2000 to 4000 rpm. There’s just no room for dynamic run-out. So, evaluate your equipment and determine if it’s up to the challenge. If the answer is “no”, then time to invest in new equipment.

Use the Right Bit for the Work

Feeds and speeds are critical. That’s true for all machining on any scale. But, it’s just as important to use the right bit for the work material. Your bit  must be uber sharp. The surface finish must be ultra fine. Your bit should drill cleanly. If it doesn’t, don’t be tempted to use extra force to evacuate the chips. Get a different bit. Then, be sure to use air and fluid to evacuate the chips as you drill.

Don’t Use Automated Tool Changing

The tool holding technology is just as important as the machine and bit. The tool holder must deliver the bit to the job with precision. Believe it or not, this is a hand job. Don’t go with automated tool changing. And when you perform the set-up, use a micro drill adapter made by Sierra American Multi-systems.

Micro Drill Adapter

The Micro Drill Adapter by Sierra American is the perfect answer to the problems associated with micro drilling. Imagine fingertip control from a CNC machine!

micro drill adapter

Micro Drill Adapter

It has a 1/2” shank and is perfect for straight shank applications. Sierra American manufactures this tool in the United States using ground and hardened steel.

The hardened drive-pin design is genius. It avoids the weakening and expanding you run into with the “C” clip design style. If you don’t want problems you want the Micro Drill Adapter.

Sierra American makes the one of the most accurate micro drill adapters sold. That’s why you’ll only find it where the best tools are sold. Get a superior tool and you save money on broken bits.  That smooth, fingertip operation puts all the power of your press right in your hand. When you don’t break bits, that’s money in the bank.

 Ready for Micro-Machining?

When you are ready for micro-machining order the AccuFeed micro drill adapter. If your tool company doesn’t have it, just Contact Us. We will be more than happy put you in touch with a supplier.

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