5 October 2018
5 October 2018,

Making a hole is one of the most common subtractive manufacturing processes. Whether you make a hole manually or with a CNC machine, chances are if you machine you make holes. Holes come in all sizes and present a number of problems. But the smaller the hole, the bigger the problem. Good thing there’s the micro drill adapter.

use CNC fly cutter to machine heads and manifold intakes

Small Holes are a Big Problem

There’s a really big problem with small holes. Those small holes must be made with a small tool. Small tools on big machines are a really big problem. That’s because you lack control.

Yeah sure, CNC means a computer is in control. But computer control doesn’t mean bits don’t get broken. They do. And broken bits are the biggest problems with small holes.

Whether you use carbide, HSS, or cobalt tiny holes use tiny drill bits and tiny drill bits are fragile. So maybe you break your HSS and upgrade to cobalt and it still breaks. Now what? Time to rethink how you are working. The problem might not be the bit material, it might be how you are using your machine. A micro drill adapter may be what you need.

micro drill adapter

Micro Drill Adapter

Micro Drill Adapter Saves the Day – and Bit

So, when you’ve got that tiny bit in that huge drill press, you really can’t get a feel for what’s going on. Literally, you don’t have touch control. That’s why its easy to break bits. But, the micro drill adapter makes your drill press act more like a hand-held twist drill.

See, the micro drill adapter gives you fingertip control of the peck cycle. You feel every portion of the peck. Those fingertip sensations are transmitted through your fingers, up your arm, first to the spinal cord and then along to your brain where they are processed. Those neurons send impulses along axions without any effort on your part. You may think computers are impressive, but the computer that in between your ears is remarkable. It senses the rigidity of the bit and the resistance of the material and adjusts your fingers automatically. An experienced machinist intuitively feels the peck and saves the bit.

Sierra American Multi-Systems Solves Your Problems

For pros and hobbyists alike, Sierra American Multi-Systems solves problems. Need a way to make small holes without breaking the bit? That’s the job of the micro drill adapter.

Collets need just the right amount of torque? Reach for your collet wrench. It’s easy to find if its made by Sierra American, the orange handle stands out in a crowd.

Chaos and clutter in the shop? CNC tool trays and collet trays keep essentials organized and tidy.

Sierra American supports American manufacturing. Every product we sell is made in the USA. If you don’t see Sierra American where your shop tools and supplies are sold, ask for it by name. Sierra American is here to solve your machining problems, like drilling small holes.



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