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26 January 2017
26 January 2017,

Some jobs just require tiny holes. Tiny holes require tiny bits. Tiny bits can mean huge problems for large machines.  You need a solution that gives you precision performance. You need a micro drill adapter.

drill tiny holes with a micro drill adapter

The Case for Tiny Holes

Tiny holes are necessary part of any precision job.  You may need them in jewelry or watchmaking.  If your job is scroll work, tiny holes are involved.  Machining for the electronics industry is literally riddled with tiny holes.  The same is true for the medical industry.  Heck even casual hobbyists need tiny holes.

The problem with tiny holes is that it takes a tiny bit to make a tiny hole. Tiny bits are fragile.  Mills, lathes, and drill presses are not tiny nor fragile.  But these big machines drive your tiny bit to make your tiny hole. It is a recipe for disaster.  Well, maybe not disaster but it sure leads to loads of broken bits.  There has to be a better way.

Peck With Sensitivity

So, if you mount that tiny bit in your drill press and pull the handle down, you have absolutely zero tactile sense of the peck.

That drill press handle just doesn’t give you the input you need to determine how much pressure you are applying.  Since tiny bits can’t take pressure.  They snap and break under pressure.  This can cause you to snap and break when drilling a tiny hole.

But, what if you could attach something to your chuck before the collet that holds the tool?  What if this something gave you fingertip control?  What if you could peck with fingertip sensitivity?  Can you imagine the drill bit as almost an extension of your hand?

You don’t have to imagine this precision and control if you drill with a micro drill adapter.

Enter the Micro Drill Adapter

Take precision, controlled drilling out of the realm of imagination and into reality when you drill with a micro drill adapter.

You get better set up and  better results if you are doing sensitive drilling with a small bit on a large machine.

The micro drill adapter goes between the chuck and the collet.  You peck with sensitivity.  That’s because you have fingertip control of the bit.  You know exactly how much pressure you are applying.  You get actual tactile feel of the bit.  No more snapped bits.  You become the sensitive driller, capable of drilling the tiniest of holes with ease and precision.

micro drill adapter

Micro Drill Adapter

Drill Easy, Drill Smart

So, drill easy and drill smart when you drill with a micro drill adapter.  Produce tiny holes with big machines like the pro you are.  But, make sure you drill with Sierra American Multi-Systems.

The Sierra American micro drill adapter is made with double shielded bearings for smooth operation. This is one tough micro drill adapter.  It is hardened and precision ground for accuracy.  The hardened pin drive design doesn’t weaken or expand like “c” clip styles.

Best of all, it is made right here in the USA.

If you need to drill a tiny hole with precision, be sure to ask for Sierra American Multi-Systems micro drill adapter by name.


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