8 June 2016
8 June 2016,

Father’s Day is just around the corner.  If there is a machinist Dad in the family, get him a gift that shows you appreciate him, you understand the skill it takes to do his job, and that you love him as much as he loves his tools.  Here’s some gift ideas that range from whimsical mechanical cards that are a feat of engineering to a CNC fly cutter sets that lets him hone is craft, literally,

Mechanical Cards

Mechanical genius Dad’s will appreciate these mechanical cards that are also a lasting gift to display and enjoy again and again.  Artist Brad Litwin has a self-professed love affair with the mathematical precision of the mechanical world.

Each of his MechaniCards are hand cranked, mechanical works of art in miniature.  You might even inspire Dad to create one of his own.


Not Your Normal Cup O’Joe

If Dad loves his java as much as he loves HSS then he needs a cup that reflects his unique, mechanical personality.  How about this take on the Genesis of Machining.

coffee cup for machinists

machinists mug zombie hunter



If Dad does double duty as a Zombie Hunter, then this mug over at Cafe Press should describe his perfectly.  Just remind him to leave this cup at home.  It is sure to result in mug envy at the shop.





CNC Fly Cutter Set

Sure you could fall back on the reliable collet wrench, but isn’t that the equivalent of a tie?  Instead, show Dad you appreciate his keen eye for perfection.  Give him a CNC fly cutter set from Sierra American.  The set includes 1 ½”, 2”, and 2 ½” diameter fly cutters.  They are completely balanced for stability at higher RPMs to give him the performance he demands. Dad doesn’t do anything halfway and his fly cutter shouldn’t do half the job. Each Sierra American fly cutter is heat treated for long life; it won’t give out half way through the job.

Dad is an important part of manufacturing in America, and you can support American manufacturing when you purchase American made products at Sierra American Multi-Systems.  Not sure where to find Sierra American products?  Call (800) 576-5331.

Machinist Dads are unique men. Make sure you get your machinist Dad a unique gift.

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