27 March 2018
27 March 2018,

Picking the right saw arbor is all about matching the job to the saw and thus the saw arbors. Saw arbors vary. Make sure you pick the right one for the job.

set of general purpose saw arborsGeneral Purpose Saw Arbors

The general purpose saw arbors are for making regular cuts. These are side milling, mitering, or end milling cuts. The kerf isn’t thin. Still, you don’t want a blade that weaves, wobbles, or staggers like a drunken sailor on leave. You take the time to select a cutter that doesn’t vibrate, make sure your arbor doesn’t vibrate either. Cutting plastic is a challenge. Pick a blade that won’t melt as you cut. Carbide tipped blades may be the answer. Use carbide tipped blades for other difficult material such as thick aluminum and non-ferrous material such as copper, brass, and lead.

No matter the saw blade material, look for saw arbors that hold tight and get you close to the work area. Slippage isn’t good, whether you’re cutting or drilling.  The closer the cutter is to the work area, the better you machine.

ultra precision saw arbors

Ultra Precision Saw Arbors

Ultra precision cuts are common if you machine for electronics, dental or medical applications. These cuts are made with ultra precision saw blades and demand tolerances of 0.01 mm accuracy. If you make precision cuts, install your CNC equipment to tamp down harmonic resonance, use plenty of fluid and aim for the smallest kerf possible. Use the right saw blade and arbor too.

For most cuts, use high speed steel or carbide blades. No matter the saw blade material, use a saw arbor that reduces vibrations. When saw arbors vibrate, the blade goes along for the ride. Now, that’s certainly not good for precision cuts. What is good is an arbor that absorbs vibrations. Absorbing vibrations keeps the tool accurately rotating in the spindle.  Accuracy is the name of the game in ultra precision machining.

Precision cuts are usually made at high speeds. It takes a strong arbor to hold tight at high RPMs. Look for heat-treated saw arbors. They run at high speeds.

American Made Saw Arbors

Sierra American Multi-Systems is your go to source for saw arbors. Whether you need a general reach arbor, an ultra precision saw arbor, or a custom-made saw arbor Sierra American has you covered.

Every Sierra American saw arbor is made in the USA.  Pick Sierra American if you want a heat-treated arbor. Go with Sierra American and get close to the work area.

Contact Sierra American if you need a custom arbor made for you.

Always ask for Sierra American where you buy your supplies. If they don’t have it, ask them to order it. You deserve the best, you deserve Sierra American saw arbors, multi-stops, and tool trays.



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