23 September 2019
23 September 2019,

Everyone is talking about this KonMari stuff in the house. What is it? Does it apply to the machine shop? It’s like people just discovered that being tidy is important. Um, yeah. Sierra American Multi-Systems has been sparking joy in machinist hearts for over 25 years with the CNC 40 tool tray. Nice to see it caught on with Ms Kondo.

Every machinist knows CNC is about feeds, speeds, and materials. Those are all critical. But, organizing and protecting your tools is critical too. Using a CNC 40 tool tray is the KonMari way to organize and transport your tools.

Tool Storage and Marie Kondo

The CNC Bible, CNC Control Setup for Milling and Turning: Mastering CNC Control Systems, says the  tool magazine isn’t for permanent storage of CNC tools. On the other hand, it says  any tool used often stays in the magazine and uses the same number in all programs. They don’t say anything about Marie Kondo.

We think it’s a good idea to use the same number in all programs. But, we respectfully disagree about tool storage. Don’t store your tools in the tool magazine. Marie Kondo would probably agree with us. She’s all about tacking things by category – like tools are a category.

Store your valuable tools that spark joy where they aren’t exposed to corrosive elements, dust, or can be damaged by other tools and materials in the shop.

Store your tools when not in use. You can use a big tool room or a small cabinet. Of course Marie says to only keep the ones you ever use. We say no matter how many you have or where you store them, get them from storage to the work area safely.

Moving is Risking

You can’t change tools if the tools aren’t around. But, moving tools is risking damage. This isn’t paranoia. It is reality. Minimize the risk of damage, transport easily, and organize the set-up. Is it possible? Yes, grasshopper.  Use a CNC 40 tool tray to transport your tools. Let Marie Kondo worry about organizing the tool setting room. You organize the machining area.

cnc40 tool tray by Sierra AmericanThe Efficient  CNC 40 Tool Tray

Use an efficient CNC 40 tool tray for all sorts of pre-set tool handling.  The best trays store tools safely while keeping them easily accessible. Bonus points if they are small enough to stay close to the machine.

The ideal CNC tool tray organizes your tools. It provides the safety, organization and efficiency vital to optimum productivity on the floor.

Sierra American CNC tool trays go from tool storage areas to work areas and can serve as a mini bench stand to increase productivity and decrease downtime due to tool changes.

CNC 30 40 and 50 Tool Trays

Sierra American makes CNC tool trays that last. They CNC_30make them right here in the USA. Protect your expensive tooling equipment with their high impact plastic trays. The rugged construction stands up to the rigors of most manufacturing environments. Use the handles to facilitate transfer your tools  to the machining area. Each CNC tool tray sparks joy because it is marked for easy tool sequencing procedures. How tidy!

  • CNC-30 and CNC-40 trays are numbered 1 through 10
  • CNC-50 trays are numbered 1 through 6

Sierra American backs every tray with a 5 year warranty.

Ask your tool supplier for Sierra American CNC tool trays by name. If they carry inferior products by other manufacturers, tell them you demand the best. You demand Sierra American. And toss out all that other junk. It makes Marie Kondo mad.



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