24 January 2018
24 January 2018,

Michael de Nostradame was a French medical doctor, astrologer and prognosticator of things to come. Today he’s referred to as Nostradamus and people read his 4-line poems to figure out the future and determine if he was right about past events. He’s credited with predicting everything from the London fire to the election of Donald Trump. Did he predict the invention of the collet wrench? Let’s see.

High Impact Plastic Handle

collet wrench

Collet Wrench Handle Made from High Impact Plastic

The Sierra American Multi-Systems collet wrench is manufactured from high-impact plastic. The material used to mold the handle wasn’t even in existence back in the 1500’s when Michael was gazing into his brazier and mumbling to himself. But, did he see the signature orange design within the flames? Maybe.

“From the death of the old
A new material arises.
Wonderous in its strength.
A delight to the eye”

Could it be that “from the death of old a new material arises” is a reference to dinosaurs dying and decomposing and turning into the crude oil that is then extracted, refined and turned into plastic?

The Sierra American collet wrench gets it strength of high impact polystyrene. This resin is a wonder because it can be machined and molded and is much tougher than polystyrene. It can also take on almost any color you want. You want bright orange. The day-glo orange and other bright colors are a “delight to the eye” because it is easy to spot no matter where it is in the shop.

CNC Lathes

R8 and 5c collets are used on the nose piece of CNC lathes. The collet wrench is perfect for providing just the right amount of torque. So how could Nostradamus have possibly predicted a tool for a tool holder that didn’t exist? That must have been some incredible crystal ball.

“Something and nothing in combination
Become instructions
The great monster goes to work
Making by removing”

The verse opens with a clear reference to digital electronic processing. When “something and nothing in combination become instructions”, you’ve got the binary ones and zeros of Boolean algebra upon which the earliest programming languages were based. George Boole didn’t even introduce this concept until 1847. Nostradamus could foresee the rise of the digital age and the application to manufacturing.

When ‘the great monster goes to work, making by removing” that’s a mechanical lathe. Manufacturing with a lathe is subtractive manufacturing. You remove the parts you don’t want to make the part you do want. Your collet holds the tool in the nose piece of the lathe and the collet wrench adjusts the collet.

Get Your Collet Wrench Before it’s Too Late

Nostradamus didn’t include many dates in his writings. But he did write about the world ending in 3797. So just in case he was off by a thousand years or so, you should probably get your collet wrench now. That way you have time to use it before the end is near. Nostradamus didn’t predict where you could find a good collet wrench, but we can help.

If you want a quality collet wrench, be sure to get a collet wrench made by Sierra American. The concave face aligns perfectly. The handle is sturdy, durable and easy-to-find. So, just ask for Sierra American by name.


*Nostradamus didn’t really predict the collet wrench. His actual writing is so vague you can see almost anything you want in it. It’s can be silly business and the quatrains in this blog are made-up.  But CNC machining is serious business. When you need a serious tool, tray, arbor, or knee stop look to Sierra American Muti-systems. We’ve made what you need for over 25 years.

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