10 January 2018
10 January 2018,

Ever wish your mill, lathe, or jig borer could give you the performance of a hand tool? Probably not. CNC brings machine performance to a new level. But what you gain in power, speed and tool changing you lose in tactile control. Sometimes delicate work needs fingertip control. Making tiny holes is like that. You need fingertip control. Did you know that you can adapt your equipment to provide that level of control? You can! A micro drill adapter brings the hand sensitive control of a manual tool to CNC equipment.  Here’s how.

Drill holes like a pecking chicken

The CNC Peck Cycle

All holes are drilled with a peck cycle. Just as the hen pecks at grain, your bit pecks at the work material. Peck drilling keep swarf from building up. This is important when your hole will be more than three times deeper than it is wide. You plunge the drill to a depth that is no more than five times the diameter of the drill and then retract it. Rinse and repeat until you finish the hole. High speed peck drilling retracts the drill only slightly. This style of peck drilling is faster.  But, save it for moderately long holes. Otherwise you will overheat the drill bit or break the bit. And breaking the bit is a real problem if you are drilling really small holes. Small holes require small bits. Small bits require complete control.

micro drill adapter

Micro Drill Adapter

Micro Drill Adapter Gives You Complete Control

So, you’ve got a really large and powerful machine. But you must drill a really small hole. With a hand-operated tool, you get a tactile sense of the peck. CNC isn’t built for that. However, you can modify your machine with a micro drill adapter. Slap one on your drill, lathe or drill press and Voila, instant fingertip control of the peck cycle. Peck with confidence, no matter how small the hole. Just grasp free the ring and peck with gentle finger pressure. Release for an auto return to the top of the cycle.

But don’t grab just any micro drill adapter. Get one made by Sierra American Multi-Systems. The hardened pin design avoids problems with the collets holding the tool. The “O” tapper fits both keyed and keyless chucks for maximum flexibility. Bearings are double-shielded for long life. Sierra American is so confident of the quality of their product, they give you a 5 year warranty on their micro drill adapter. You won’t find that from other manufacturers. It’s made in the USA by people that understand quality. Be sure to ask for Sierra American. When you need to drill a small hole, you need control. If you need control you need a micro drill adapter. And, if you need a micro drill adapter you need AF-22 from Sierra American Multi-Systems.


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