21 December 2017
21 December 2017,

Are you ready for expansion? You should be. Grab your slitting saw and slitting saw arbor and get ready to get to work. The 2018 outlook for American manufacturing is bright. Better grab those sunglasses too.

GDP Growth

The overall gross domestic product is expected to increase 2.5% in 2018. While that is the same as in 2017, it represents 2 years of comparable growth. It’s also better than growth in 2016.  These estimates don’t take into consideration any new or revised policy changes pushed by President Trump. It could be higher, if the stock market is any indication.

Manufacturing Outlook

Want even better news? Manufacturing is expected to rise at a rate greater than the GDP. Now you know why we recommend grabbing your tools and getting ready for work. U.S. manufacturing is forecast to  grow by 2.8 percent in 2018. The Bureau of Labor Statistics in projecting growth in new jobs. 20.5 million of them before 2020.  Many of those jobs are in healthcare. That’s even more good news for manufacturing. Medical supplies must be made. Mills and lathes will be busy. Grab your accufeed to drill tiny holes and your slitting saw and slitting saw arbor to make tiny cuts. The healthcare industry needs you!

An additional 2.1 million jobs will be in technology. The ability to design and convert to G-code will be in high demand.

Growth in Aerospace

You won’t need alien technology in 2018 to get in on the aerospace sector. After a decline, growth is expected to resume next year. The backlog of civilian plane orders must be cleared. Building those planes requires parts. Parts are machined. Might as well be machined in the U.S, right? The United States will continue to account for half of global production in the aerospace. That’s a lot of work for machinists and machine shops. Are you ready?

Grow Your Business with Quality

ultra precision slitting saw arborThe most successful shops grow because they have a reputation for quality. Machining for aerospace, healthcare, or electronics requires precision and a commitment to getting every piece right every time.

Quality requires the right equipment, a skilled machinist and quality tools. Trust Sierra American Multi-Systems for quality tools. Every slitting saw arbor, accufeed, kneestop, and general reach arbor we produce is made in the USA. Each item we make is backed by a 5 year warranty. Be sure to ask for Sierra American by name. Together, we’ll bring back the proud tradition of American manufacturing.


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