27 November 2018
27 November 2018,

Okay, if you get cracking you still have time to make some really great gifts to give this holiday season. Just mount your ultra precision arbor and get to work. Friends and family will appreciate your craftsmanship and your thoughtfulness.


Not all puzzles must be 500 pieces to be fun. A large puzzle with 20 to 25 pieces can sit out on a coffee table and serve as a conversation piece. Start with a sketch laid out on grid paper. Take a look at this one from Stuff Done Right

He just converted it into a 1:1 scale 2D DXF file to keep it simple. The work stock was about 1/8″ thick. Cutting with an ultra precision arbor gets the blade close to the work area. So, you can make pretty intricate cuts. This one turned out nice don’t you think?

Courtesy of Stuff Done Right

Your imagination is the limit (and the amount of time you have to spend). Admit it, you want to head to the shop and make one of these now, don’t you?

Wine Glass Charms

Wine glass charms are a great way for guests to keep their glasses straight. If you need inspiration, head over to Etsy where people are selling these things like crazy.  Keep it as simple as a star or as complex as a snowflake. Because your ultra precision arbor absorbs vibration, you don’t worry about chatter and can cut complex designs.

use ultra precision arbor and saw to cut wine charms from metalGet really crafty and toss some beads on that charm and people will think you are an artist. Well, that’s because you are!

Charger Plates

Charger plates are metal plates larger than your dinner plate. Women think they make the table look great and you want the women you know to think you are great. So, make them a set of charger plates.  Basically, all you need is a large round piece of metal.  Here’s a fancy one from a store in the U.K.

You can even buy charger plates and just cut the design. Spray  with several coats of paint and you are done. The more delicate your design, the more you will need ultra precision. So, be sure to use an ultra precision arbor.


Ultra Precision Arbor Made in the USA

If your gifts are going to be made in the USA, then why not make them with tools made in the USA? Make sure your ultra precision arbor is made by Sierra American Multi-Systems.

Experience the thrill of getting your cutter up close with no chatter or vibration.

Make sure you ask for Sierra American by name wherever you buy tools. You need the best to make the best gifts this year. You need Sierra American.


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