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29 July 2015
29 July 2015,

To the starting home machinist, nothing can strike fear in the heart like a slitting saw, unless perhaps it is the fly cutter. But there is no reason to fear, especially if you select the right slitting saw arbor and follow a few tips to using your slitting saw.

As indicated by the name, the slitting saw is used for making narrow cuts in metal. Larger cuts are made with a slotting saw. It looks a bit like a circular saw blade that you would see in a woodworking shop.

 Picking a Slitting Saw Arbor

A slitting saw arbor is used to hold the blade in place. Most slitting saws sit on an arbor that uses a cap to hold the saw blade in place. The problem with this conventional slitting saw arbor setdesign is that if you need to hold the object being cut in a vise (and you know you will) then often the clamping screw will foul the vise. The Sierra American slitting saw arbor overcomes this problem with a deep cap for a low profile. This revolutionary design allows for the closest blade to work area than any other arbor on the market.

 Benefits of the Sierra American Slitting Saw Arbor

In addition to its revolutionary design that allows for close work, when you use a Sierra American slitting saw arbor you get:

  • Superior vibration absorption
  • Weldon shank for durability
  • Extra Long Reach
  • 5 Year Warranty

Slitting saw arbors are available individually in a number of sizes or as sets. All Sierra American slitting saw arbors are proudly made in the USA. If you don’t see Sierra American made products at your local tool supply, be sure that you ask for them by name.

 Slitting Saw Tips

Now that you’ve got your blade and you’ve got your arbor. It’s time to get to work. Don’t let all those stories of ruined projects scare you away. Here are a few slitting saw tips:


  • Run Slow – Just because your slitting saw looks like a wood circular saw doesn’t mean it works like one. For best results run slow. Keep your feed rate low as well
  •  Keep it Oiled – Use lots of lubricant.
  •  Keep it clean – remove any swarf after each pass
  •  One Way – always cut in the same direction


Custom Arbors Available


If we don’t have the slitting saw arbor you need, we can make one for you. Simply fill out our Custom Arbor Request with the details and we will get back with you right away. Still have questions? Give us a call at (800) 576-5331

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