25 October 2018
25 October 2018,

Halloween is the perfect time to talk scary stuff. And, flycutting can be scary.  It’s one thing novice machinists fear. Now CNC’ers get an advantage over on manual machinists because they get a software assist.  The G-wizard does the heavy lifting calculating the feeds and speeds.  Software aside, the easiest way to remove fear from flycutting is to use the right CNC flycutter for the job.

Why Flycutting is Scary

Most everything is scary the first time you do it. And because flycutting is a finish cut, your first attempt at flycutting is the last cut you make on that piece. Screw it up and you’ve screwed up the entire piece. Also, because flycutting removes such a small amount of metal, you’ve got to have real precision. For example, if you are skimming heads, get it just a bit wrong and the gasket won’t fit perfectly.

Also, for the best finish you need to cut in one pass. That means a large cutter. But if you don’t have the right CNC flycutter in the right size, you end up making more than one pass. Now that perfect finish is less than perfect. You could have used a face mill if you wanted that crummy finish!

No wonder flycutting is scary.

Sierra American CNC fly cuttersSuperior CNC Flycutter for Superior Results

Sierra American Multi-System’s CNC flycutter was designed from the ground up to take the fear out of flycutting.  The large allow set screw gives stability. Stability and rigidity are always your friends in machining.

Many CNC flycutting applications require high speeds. But not all flycutters are well balanced for high RPMs.  The Sierra American CNC flycutter is perfectly balanced for high RPMs and heat treated for long life. That’s a sure fire combination for a superior flycutter.  And your results are only as good as your cutter. It’s reassuring and not scary to know that your flycutter is ready to go to work when you are.

CNC flycutter set Sierra American

            CNC flycutter set

Don’t Fear – Just Demand Sierra American

Don’t be afraid of CNC flycutting; just demand Sierra American to hold your cutter.  Every flycutter is proudly made right here in the USA.  We don’t use inferior foreign-made products in our shop. Why should you use them in yours?

You support American manufacturing when you ask for Sierra American by name.  If your supplier tries to sell you something else, don’t go for it. Just give us a call (800) 576- 5331 and we’ll direct you to another supplier. If that scares you, just buy one on-line. Check out US Shop Tools,  or The Tool Company, or just do a Google search.

Every flycutter we make comes with a 5 year warranty.  Don’t be afraid to demand the best.  Demand Sierra American.

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