25 April 2016
25 April 2016,

You probably don’t give too much thought to your collets.  You probably even spend less time thinking about your collet wrench.  You know your collets have a big job; but your collet wrench probably does much more than you realize.  So let’s take a quick look at collets and how a good collet wrench can save time and money.

Collets are Useful

You aren’t operating a CNC machine if you aren’t using collets.

R8 collets were developed by Bridgeport Machines for tool holding. They are internally threaded and fit into the machine taper itself.

5C collets can be used as tool holders or work holders. They are externally threaded.

It doesn’t matter the reason for the collet, it is important that they be secured properly. If your collet isn’t tight you will get vibration and chatter.

Tormach machineTighten Collets Properly

Vibration and chatter can lead to damaged cutters and damaged work. Both types of damage waste valuable time and money.

Don’t waste time and money; make sure the cutter is tight.  And don’t under estimate the amount of torque to get it tight.  Don’t hand tight, use a collet wrench.

Tormach did tests years ago to find out how much force is needed to pull a tool out of a collet. They discovered that one of the things that had the most negative impact was the leaving the protective oil that comes on cutters when they are first sold.  Removing the oil and properly tightening from 20 ft lb to 40 ft lb resulted in more holding power. From 1300 lb to 3600 lbs!  That was just tightening to 40 lbs!

Lesson learned, keep the tool clean and dry and tighten properly with collet wrench. If you aren’t removing that protective coating; start now.

Get Good Collet Wrenchescollet wrench

Sierra AmericanMulti-Systems makes the best collet wrench on the market. You can tighten your collets properly with a collet wrench made by Sierra American.

The handle is made of a bright fluorescent orange that make the wrench easy to find no matter where you set it down. The high impact plastic and steel insert make it durable, easy to hold, and easy to use.

Sierra American Multi Systems makes the only collet wrench with a concave face. This means you get perfect alignment every time.

Make sure you tighten properly with the best collet wrench. Make sure you have a wrench by Sierra American. Be sure to ask your supplier for Sierra American by name. Don’t get ripped off with an inferior wrench made in China.  Sierra American collet wrenches are made in the U.S.A.

You deserve the best; you deserve Sierra American.

Call (800) 576-5331 to find a distributor near you.


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