13 October 2017
13 October 2017,

October means Halloween. Time for ghosts, goblins, things that go bump in the night and other scary things. Don’t let a flycutter join the group of scare makers. It’s one of the most useful finishing tools you will ever own.

The Flycutter Finish

By now you know that we think flycutters beat end mills for a superior finish. You get a superior finish because you cover more area in a single pass. Try that with an end mill and you get overlap marks from each pass. That might be okay if you’re just machining heads, but is not good for an exposed finish. And, a flycutter makes a shallow cut. That’s perfect for finishing.

How it Works

A flycutter has a body and a tool bit. As the flycutter turns, the bit makes very broad and very shallow slices out of the workpiece. cnc flycutter by Sierra American

They are usually a left-hand turning tool and held at a 30 to 60 degree angle. A well made tool gives the machinist years of dependable service.

Do-It-Yourself or Buy a Flycutter?

If you surf the web, you will find a multitude of machinist’s threads with plans for making your own flycutters. If you read carefully, you discover that it is very easy to make a flycutter that doesn’t work well. Projects in Metal has a plan that admits “To be honest, I have not had a lot of success with this cutter”. Yeah, well thanks for sharing the plans for a tool that doesn’t work. Can’t wait for the next installment of do-it-yourself is a waste of time.

See, it makes no sense to make your own flycutter when a quality tool doesn’t cost that much. A single fly cutter can cost less than $50. You can get a whole pile of them for under $125.00. So, why would you make a tool that doesn’t work when you can buy one that works for less than a dinner for two with drinks?

Sierra American Multi-Systems – Home of Quality Tools

You know Sierra American is the home of precision and general purpose arbors. Well, Sierra American also makes the finest flycutters on the market.

  • Heat treated for long-life
  • Perfectly balanced for superior cutting
  • Runs safely at high RPMs
  • Large set screws for stability
  • 5 year warranty

Best of all, Sierra American flycutters are made in the USA. Support American manufacturing and buy American made. Demand Sierra American by name and don’t settle for less. And don’t let a flycutter scare you this October.



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