12 October 2016
12 October 2016,

You want to handle the movement and the transport of your valuable tools with care.  Every move is an opportunity for damage.  CNC tool trays and tool holders are designed to make the process easier.  A good CNC tool tray does more than make transport easy; it makes the transport safe.

cnc tool trays for all tapers

Hallmarks of Good CNC Tools Trays

One of the things you will notice about good CNC tool trays is that they are designed by people with knowledge of CNC machining.

Sequencing.  Only a machinist knows that the tray can help with tool sequencing and set up.  All of the CNC tool trays made by Sierra American Multi-Systems are marked for easy sequencing and set up.

  • 30 and 40 Taper CNC tool trays are marked 1 through 10
  • 50 Taper tool trays are marked 1 through 6

Use the numbered marks to sequence the tools while still in the tool room.  The fewer times you handle your expensive tooling the fewer times you run the risk of damage.  When you get to the machine work area, the tools are properly sequenced and ready to go.

Storage.  If you only use a small number of tools, the Sierra American tool tray also makes for great storage right in the machine area.  It is a safe and economical way to store tools for the home hobbyist too.

Durable Protection.  Good CNC tool trays are durable.  They can stand the rigors of life in a machining setting where gentle isn’t always found.  Sierra American CNC tool trays are engineered from quality very strong impact-resistant plastic.  The handles are integrated, so they can’t break off or break loose.  This design also results in a smaller footprint for the tray. Those benefits are not found in other more expensive trays.

Quality Manufacturing.  Sierra American has been making products for CNC and manual machining for over 20 years.  Each item is thoroughly inspected for quality before it leaves our factory.  Sierra American only manufactures in the United States.  When you buy Sierra American, you know you are getting a quality product, made in the USA by American machinists, just like you.

Quality CNC Tool Trays

check-markIt’s clear, if you want quality, usability, and durability then you want tool trays made by Sierra American Multi-Systems.

Many shops carry inferior, foreign made products.  So if you want a tool tray that will last, you must ask for Sierra American by name. Samples of suppliers include:


The Tool Company

MSC Direct

If you don’t see Sierra American, ask for it by name or call (800) 576-5331 and ask for the name of a supplier near you.  If you want it made right and made right here in the USA you want Sierra American

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