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30 May 2017
30 May 2017,

When it comes to tool holding or work holding you’ve got a couple of choices: chuck or collet. Yes, collets are chucks but they are different.  Your collet wrench is in a unique position to get up close and personal with your collets. So, from the perspective of the collet wrench, let’s see which is better.

The Collet Advantage

The collet wrench sees all. It sees that chucks just are not as centered, balanced, or perfect as a collet. Use a collet over a chuck and you will get less wobble and less run out. Collets utilize an architecture that is reliable, durable and provides exceptional performance.  They are versatile. Collets can hold work or they can hold tools.

Sorry Chuck Collets Are Better

The collet wrench can’t help notice that collets lack the capacity to handle a wide range of sizes. 3 jaw chucks can accommodate a wider range of sizes. But that is their major advantage. Collets offer better speed, accuracy and productivity that is crucial for some jobs.

Collets are Speed Demons

The collet wrench understands the laws of physics. That’s why collet wrenches always recommend collets as the better choice for turning at high spindle rpm. Since the mass of a chuck is greater, it takes longer to accelerate. Longer acceleration times extends cycle time and reduce productivity. Reduced productivity is not a goal.

When you double the spindle speed you quadruple the centrifugal force. Centrifugal force pulls the chuck jaws out and this diminishes the clamping force. Centrifugal force does not have a significant effect on collets. That means the tool holding or work holding force is constant no matter the speed.

A collet applies force around the entire circumference. A chuck applies force at just the immediate contact areas. Even a collet wrench knows this! Because a collet exerts force over the complete circumference, it exerts holding force evenly.

Collets open and close faster than a standard 3 jawed chuck. That means collets change quick.  You spend more time machining and less time setting up. Increased productivity is a goal. That increased productivity is your ticket to increased profits.

Want to change even faster? Get the right collet wrench.

Sierra American collet wrench

The Right Collet Wrench

A good R8 or 5C collet wrench simplifies the insertion and removal of collets on the spindle noses of CNC turning machines. The right collet wrench has 3 prongs to securely grip your collet. It is also comfortable in your hand.

Sierra American Multi-Systems has been making great arbors for 25 years. But that’s just the beginning. They make great collet wrenches too.  The Sierra American collet wrench is:

  • designed with a concave face for perfect alignment
  • made from high impact plastic with a steel insert
  • bright fluorescent orange; you won’t lose this wrench in the shop
  • tapered with a large handle for comfort in the hand and ease of use
  • made in the USA

Take it from a collet wrench, use collets over chucks whenever possible. And only use a collet wrench made by Sierra American. Be sure to ask for it by name.






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