28 June 2016
28 June 2016,

The Harvard Business Review recently published an article about the challenges of data-driven manufacturing. they lament that the internet of everything as applied to CNC manufacturing is at the peak of hype and disillusionment is sure to follow.  It’s hard to argue with that.  But, they also think that when it comes to CNC manufacturing “it will be years before we see real productivity gains”.  Bull!  You can get productivity gains without the internet when you do something as simple as use sequenced CNC tool trays.

cnc tool trays for 30 40 50Tool Sequencing with CNC Tool Trays

If you’ve got to get your tools from the tool crib or tool room to the machine, you need to transport them. As of today, teleportation is not possible.  One of the most common means of transportation is the bi-pedal equipped with a tray.  In other words, a person carrying a tool tray.  So if you are going to carry the tools in a tray, why not use a sequenced tray?

By putting the tools you need for the job in the proper sequence before you get to the machine, you are increasing your productivity.  This decreases the tool change time.  At a glance you know what tool is next in the sequence.

CNC tool Trays for 50 taper spindle

To make set-up in the tray even easier, use CNC tool trays with sequence markings!  As pointed out in the article, when it comes to CNC manufacturing “there is no randomness”.   So why throw the tools on a tray in a random fashion?  When you use a CNC tool tray with sequence markings, there is no mistaking the order of operation.

The greatest capital investment in any shop are the machines and the machinists.  Both work more efficiently with sequenced tool trays.

Greatest CNC Tools Trays Made in the Greatest Country!

The greatest CNC tools trays with sequence markings are made right here in the greatest country on earth, the USA.

Sierra American Multi-Systems makes CNC tool trays in a variety of sizes.  Whether you have a 30, 40, or 50 spindle taper Sierra American makes the tool tray to sequence and transport your tools.  The size 30 and 40 trays accommmade-usaodate 10 tools.  The size 50 taper tray can handle up to 6 tools.

Each tray is made in the USA of durable, high-impact plastic to protect your tools.  Built-in handles make it easy to transport from the tool setting room to machining floor.

Don’t settle for cheap knock-off imitations made in a foreign country.  Support American manufacturing and demand Sierra American by name!  If your wholesale or supply house doesn’t carry Sierra American-Multi Systems, call (800) 576-5331 to find the retailer near you.


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