19 June 2018
19 June 2018,

Is there a difference between a CNC flycutters and manual flycutters? Yes and no. The physics are the same, but the operation is different.

cnc flycuttersCNC flycutters are consistent

Like any CNC operation, use a CNC flycutter and get consistent results. CNC machines execute a computer program.  The program doesn’t change until you change it.  So, the machine operates the same way over and over and over again. CNC machining produces consistency in workpieces. It beats manual machining when every piece must be exactly the same.

Less skill needed for CNC

Believe it or not, it takes less skill and training to run a CNC flycutter than a manual flycutter. Now, programming the machine takes extensive training and skill. Running a CNC flycutter, not so much.  While there are people that believe anyone can operate a CNC machine without training, it does take a bit of skill and training to CNC. Conventional machining requires extensive training and skill. You’ve got to understand metallurgy, physics, and geometry. In a production environment where you produce the same workpiece over and over, CNC flycutting requires less skill.

CNC operators rely on another employee to program and set up the machine. This employee is usually referred to as the machinist. A manual machinist sets up the machine and runs production.

Simplified workflow with CNC flycutters

When it comes to actual machine operation, the CNC machine takes over once you finish programming and setup. That simplifies workflow. A manual machinist is involved with everything going on with the flycutter. A CNC’er just loads the workpiece and literally just lets the flycutter fly.  The CNC machine is in charge. It controls the feeds and speeds and will even control the coolant. The program worries about chip removal, not the machinist.

Ask just about any CNC machinist and they will agree, running a CNC machine is much less taxing than running its manual counterpart.

The Best Finish

Whether it’s a manual flycutter or a CNC, you still get the best possible finish. A CNC or manual flycutter always beats a face mill for finish. Finish with one pass. And a CNC flycutter beats a manual flycutter every time. That’s because the program is in control. See above about consistency if you still aren’t convinced.

small cnc flycuttersBest Flycutters for CNC or manual machining

Holding the cutter is important for both CNC and manual flycutting. Don’t waste your time, money, and cutter with a tool that’s going to let you down.

Get a flycutter from Sierra American Multi-Systems and you’re ready for anything. Whether you run a manual machine or operate a CNC machine, you need a reliable way to control your cutter.

Sierra American flycutters are balanced. So, they last longer. Sierra American uses large set screws. You get stability. That’s key to flycutter performance.

Be sure to ask for Sierra American CNC flycutters by name. Don’t settle for cheap, foreign imitators. Get quality, American-made products from Sierra American. If your supplier doesn’t have Sierra American, ask for it by name.





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